Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MA: Scott Brown Getting Closer

A current Rasmussen Poll has Martha Coakley (D) leading Scott Brown (R) by 9% (50-41, with 7% undecided) in the Massachusetts race for the seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy.

Brown has steadily been cutting into Coakley's lead, and the massive support he's receiving from you and other onliners is making a difference. The special election will be held on January 19, two weeks from today.

The dynamics of this race are working in Brown's favor. His opponent, Martha Coakley, would make about as good a U.S. Senator as she would a partridge in a pear tree. It's an off-year, off-month election, and Scott Brown has all the momentum.

How can we bring Scott across the finish line a few inches ahead of his opponent? By doing what we've done so far -- contributing money and volunteering to make phone calls -- only to do more of them.


Scott is a conservative Republican, opposed to the health care monstrosity and to the Cap-and-Tax abomination. Let's do everything we can to put this good man in the U.S. Senate.

When a Democrat candidate (Coakley) in Massachusetts, is polling 50% or less, her campaign is not exactly in high gear.

This race is winnable. I've always believed that and still do. Thanks for your help.

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