Thursday, December 31, 2009

Scott Brown for US Senate

Dear Conservative Activist Friends: As most of you know, I've been highlight the campaign of Scott Brown, a Republican who's running for the US Senate ("the Teddy Kennedy Seat") in Massachusetts.

If Brown receives support -- financial, organizational, and moral -- from thousands of activists around the country, he will win the special election to be held on Jan. 19 (less than three weeks from now).

Are my activities -- and yours -- really making a difference for Scott Brown? Two days ago I received the following message from a member of his campaign staff:

"I am the policy advisor on the Scott Brown campaign. I have been getting your emails since Sarah was announced as the VP. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Also how many people do generally send this email out to? We have seen an enormous surge of interest in our website.

"Thank you and happy new year.
" -- R.K.

When the Brown Campaign adviser sent that e-mail, she made my day -- and I hope she's doing the same for all of you who recognize the importance of making Scott the 41st Republican vote in the Senate.

Yes, it is Massachusetts, and voters in that state tend to pull the Democrat lever much the same way Pavlov's dog salivated when the bell rang. And Scott Brown is an underdog.

However, if Scott wins, it would mark the beginning of the end for not only the reign of "Nancy and Harry," but also the Obama presidency.

He's much less an underdog today than he was a few weeks ago.

Scott is in favor of limited government and low taxes, the very policies that are essential if we're ever to restore our country to economic health.

Scott's opponent is Martha Coakley, a former prosecutor. Those of you who want to Google her will find out her specialty was ferociously prosecuting people for crimes they hadn't committed. Her efforts even have a title: "The Second Salem Witch Trials."

Thus, Coakley is against "witches"; she is in favor apparently of all the big government policies promoted by Obama and Reid.

In a sane world, Scott Brown would win in a landslide. As you and I know, however, a one-vote victory in politics is just as good as a landslide.

If you visit Scott's web site -- -- you can find many ways to help him win on Jan. 19. They have a major effort that will enable people to call in from out-of-state.

My own emphasis in 2010 will be to spend 2,000 hours (I'm semi-retired) trying to elect outstanding candidates. On my blog -- -- I'll be writing every day about important races . . . and practical steps we can take to win back the House of Representatives. It may take until 2012 to win back the Senate, but we're due for some big victories.

I'm hoping all of you will share campaign ideas that work. Of course, one approach that always works is to ask friends, family, and associates to join us in voting for great candidates.

Note: Please share this post with all your contacts . . . and encourage them to help Scott win.

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