Friday, December 28, 2007


In his campaign against John Murtha, Bill Russell's campaign slogan is: "Embrace The Future!" It's a great tagline, because Murtha with his corruption, his bullying manner, and his total incomprehension of the War on Terror is certainly "The Voice of Christmas Past."

Russell, a husband, a father of two young children, and an Army Ranger who saw action in Desert Storm, the Balkins, and Iraqi Freedom is the Voice of the Future, for America generally and PA's 12th District specifically.

I've suggested another slogan, perhaps for bumper stickers: "Support Our Troops . . . Elect Russell." In fact, our troops -- in their role of killing or capturing terrorists -- will play a major role in advancing our country's future. We can't afford another 9/11 -- materially, psychologically, or spiritually. If we couldn't stop al Qaida from launching terrorist attacks against the U.S. and our allies, we would have a very uncertain future.

One critical way we can support our troops is to vote for soldiers -- and their staunchest supporters -- running for federal offices. That's why this blog is backing Iraq War vets like Bill Russell (PA), Eric Egland (CA), and Duncan Duane Hunter (CA), as well as the only female veteran in Congress, Heather Wilson. I'm also supporting Melissa A. Hart (PA), who's not a veteran but is a true Warrior in her commitment to our military, and I'm supporting Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio for the same reasons. We need ALL these people in the Congress, and I urge you to visit their web sites.

It's important that we get Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC who are familiar with the situation we face in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Russell, Egland, Hunter, Hart, Schmidt, and Wilson are people who know what must be done to protect America -- and to turn around the dangerous situations in the MidEast (e.g., Iraq and Iran) and Pakistan.

In the past, Jack Murtha has received significant support from veterans and their families. But with Murtha's defeatist -- and demonstrably false -- statements about the Haditha Marines and others, there's no excuse for ANY veteran voting for him. A vote for Murtha is a vote against American soldiers and veterans.

Frightened people -- and Murtha is one -- in Congress are trying to turn military victory, which we're achieving, into political defeat. As Bill Russell has pointed out, they are trying to turn Iraq into another Vietnam. Murtha wants to "redeploy" soldiers in war zones to faraway Okinawa. He might as well call for a disbanding of the military. He's basically inviting al Qaida to turn Iraq into a terrorist playground.

Active duty soliders and veterans in the 12th District -- as many as 50,000 individuals -- understand that Murtha now has "blood on his hands." His statements, so comforting to America's enemies, domestic and foreign, have certainly led to the deaths of many Americans -- and others.

Calling American Marines "cold-blooders killers" is not the kind of statement any decent human being makes. It was false in every particular, and it did nothing but benefit the enemy.

People who truly support our troops will not back Jack Murtha. They will not give him money -- basically payoffs for his federal handouts -- and they will not give him their votes.

Everyone who believes Murtha Must Go should volunteer to join Team Russell. Also, patriotic Americans must provide Russell the funds he needs to win. Hundreds of people have contributed to the campaign -- and many thousands more will do so. Today is the time to do so.

NOTE: I'm getting questions about Melissa Hart, who is running in my own district (PA 4th) against Jason Altmire, a pseudo-conservative Democrat, to regain her seat. You can contribute to Melissa, a wonderful conservative, by sending a check to the following:

People With Hart
PO Box 435
Wexford, PA 15090

At the same time, please send a check to:

William Russell for Congress
PO Box 630
Johnstown, PA 15907

Please look at your contributions as an Investment in America's Future.

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Sean said...

So Murtha, a marine who has served his country for over 50 years, who volunteered for service in Vietnam, who visits Walter Reed every week; he doesn't support the troops. But Jean Schmidt, who has never worn the uniform, who called the Walter Reed scandal 'overblown', who voted to cut veterans benefits; she is the true patriot. Keep living in fear.