Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Murtha, Ugh! Heather Wilson, Wow!

Tonight by midnight -- and just about every night thereafter at the same time -- I'll have a new post. It's title will be: Johnstown, PA: Murtha's Rancid Bacon." Don't miss it.

If you haven't done so, please take a look at the column below: "Murtha: The Most-Hated Congressman." For a congressman to earn real hatred is, I guess, a significant achievement.

All columns on this new blog will be up by midnight and will be available at the same hour seven days a week. If you like to read at 8 a.m. (or later in the day), you'll see a new column each day -- every day.

The next column (up about midnight on Dec. 5) will be on the dismal economics of the 12th district, with emphasis on how Murtha's "bringing home the bacon" is an illusion. The next column will emphasize how taking off the gloves is critical in defeating Murtha. The concepts discussed will be relevant to many other campaigns in the nation.

A column later this week will discuss Sun-Tzu's "Art of War" and how it's applicable to tough campaigns like the one William T. Russell is waging against Murtha. I'm very interested in your comments on what I say.

Let me be immodest for a moment: I am an expert on campaigning against John Murtha. I know how to do it, and I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and insights about how to overcome this cynical bully.


Today, I got a call from "Ann" in Congresswoman Heather's Wilson Albuquerque, NM, campaign office. Heather Wilson is running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by long-term Senator Pete Domenici. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, she's the only female veteran ever elected to Congress.

If you're thinking of running to the Wikipedia article for information on Heather Wilson, don't. It's a hatchet job apparently written by Moveon.Org hate-mongers. (If you do read the "Wik" article, also read the footnotes, whcih establish that the article is baloney.)

Heather Wilson, an "Anglo," represents a district that's 43% Hispanic. Her last two campaigns were against strong Hispanic candidates, but after being written in both races, she won each time. She is a ferocious campaigner and a great fund-raiser.

The call I received today from Wilson headquarters was a pleasant thank-you for my modest contribution to the campaign. Apparently, they call everyone who contributes, and that's an idea other candidate such emulate. My guess is that Heather will get 10,000-plus individual contributions before the primary, and her staff will call everyone who donates. They obviously understand that a donation of, say, $20 is a sacrifice for many people.

For every Republican -- moderate or conservative -- it's absolutely essential that Heather get elected to the Senate. She's exactly the kind of person of extraordinary character and intelligence that we need in congress. She's an expert on foreign policy, especially as it relates to the Middle East. Oh, and by the way, she was a Rhodes Scholar.

The Democrats despise Heather. They dislike her because she's such an exceptional person, especially compared to their own limp candidates who pander to every interest group imaginable.

I told Heather's representative, also named "Heather" (Wade) that I wanted to do my own style of Internet politics for Congresswoman Wilson, Particularly, I want the same veterans groups now massing behind the candidacy of Lt. Col. William Russell (against Murtha) to support Congresswoman Wilson. I'm asking Bev Perlson, founder of TheBandof Mothers, to get her group behind Wilson.

After Wilson wins the primary -- which she will, even though she's facing a strong Republican opponent (Steve Pearce) -- her competition for the Senate seat probably will be Gov. Bill Richardson. To win, Wilson needs to "nationalize" her campaign, that is, make it a national crusade. I can help her on that, and so can you.

If she can get, say, 500-600 serious bloggers supporting her effort, that could mean many thousands of votes going her way. It would also ensure that she gets a lot of contributors from around the country. (Check out Mike Huckabee's list of bloggers, which is now up to about 400. They're a major reason why he's now leading in Iowa).

I'm proud to support Heather Wilson. You'll hear a lot more about her on this site.

(Note: Please read the piece below about "Mr. Bullying and Blustering," Jack Murtha. I assure you, he's no "Heather Wilson.")

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Mario Burgos said...

Steve, great post. I'd also like to thank you for supporting Heather Wilson.

Just one note, I think her opponent after she wins the primary will be Congressman Tom Udall, not Governor Bill Richardson. Udall has officially entered the race and since his step daughter serves as Richardson's Deputy Finance Director, that's a pretty good indication that Richardson is not going to enter the Senate race.