Wednesday, December 5, 2007


JOHN MURTHA: SNARES, DELUSIONS, & MONEYI'll be focusing on my new blog in days ahead (you're already here). But I even have a column today on this site. It's another "practical politics" piece about what Lt. Col. Russell is doing right -- and should do in the future, in my humble (?) opinion -- and what Jack Murtha is doing wrong.I even mention a money-figure ($500,000) that I believe Russell needs, which is never done in politics! Of course, getting a significant amount of "early money" (almost a year before the elction) if you're a challenger -- like Russell -- is a little like pulling off a suntan in Johnstown on December 4. It's about 25 degrees and snowing in these parts by the way.Today, I'm "suggesting" that the campaign get 1,000 tee-shirts (Russell for Congress!) for volunteers to wear proudly every day until they disintegrate (the shirts, not the volunteers).

I don't blame the people at headquarters if they're rolling their eyes. To some of them I might as well be suggesting they buy 1,000 tiny mousetaps. "Mouskateers for Russell!"

The reason you never mention money goals is that (at least) three things can happen, all of them bad.
You can be right on the number, which the media interprets as "barely met expectations."
Or your number can be too high, which makes the press say "fell short of expectations."
Or your number can be too low, which results in the story that you were "playing possum" and knew all along you were lowballing. (Mixed metaphor, I know.)

Please scroll down to other columns for comments on Murtha's claims about his legislative accomplishments, which are two parts snares, and three parts delusions. Some people in Johnstown know that but are afraid to say it. They're afraid they'll be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. John Murtha is not kind to those who cross him.

Note that will be folding up its tent near the end of December, but will go, in the poet's words, "as long as forever is."

Please visit this site, bookmark it, and recommend it to 500 of your closest friends (even if they won't get "Steve Maloney" tee-shirts).

I love my many visitors (even the ones from Murtha's Washington office!). I expect Jack to be sputtering and spewing profanities at me. He's a very creepy man.

Your presence not only honors me, but also amazes my rational side. In Ambridge, PA, we keep our expectations low, which means we're rarely disappointed.

I'll be with you until Election Day -- and beyond.

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