Monday, December 3, 2007

The Most-Hated Congressman: Murtha

"Tell Michael it was only business." (The Godfather)

Let me tell you a story: When I worked as a communications executive at Gulf Oil, my boss said about one senior executive: "Nobody likes him [Harold Hammer]." I said, "Oh, I've worked with the guy and I kinda like him."

My boss looked at me and said, "Oh, Maloney, you don't count. You like everybody." Yikes -- he found me out.

I don't like Congressman John Murtha. I'm extremely hostile to the man. I've said I believe he has "blood on his hands." The blood I'm referring is that of American servicemen and servicewomen who are fighting an al-Qaida force that Murtha has never to my knowledge criticized. In his gratuitous comments about the Haditha Marines, he inflicted great damage on individuals (and their families) who apparently were guilty of nothing more than doing their jobs.

So, how should one react to such a person. Yes, he's a hero to some people in Johnstown, PA, but why? On the night of November 16, I rode by that city's "John Murtha Cancer Center." The thought occurred to me that John Murtha had contributed as much of his own money to the facility as I had -- nothing. For that "gracious gesture," some people believe they need to do the equivalent of kiss the man's . . . ring.

People ask me: "Maloney, you who like everyone -- save Murtha of course -- where do you find all those bloggers to oppose Murtha and support Lt. Col. Russell? Well, if you subscribe to Google Alerts for blogs about Murtha, you find the following:

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In short, finding bloggers who can't stand Murtha is about as hard as finding cats that say "Meow."

No other congressman in the U.S. --and no Senator -- evokes the kind of hostility Murtha does. The Bloggers are livid about the man's behavior. Heck, the MSM is even growing tired of his bombast and contradictions.

Many people think the man is totally self-absorbed. He seemingly thinks preserving his House seat is more important than protecting American troops. Is there evidence to the contrary?

He hands out hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to companies that return the favor with tens of millions in political contributions. Hey wait, wouldn't that mean Murtha was financing his extravagant campains with OUR tax dollars. As Murtha would say, "That's the way we do business here." It stinks.

The Prince of Pork, as I said the other day, is becoming a Human Pig-Sty. Would I shake the man's hand? Not unless I was wearing gloves. He's becoming radioactive. He's a disgrace to the institution of Congress.

In a way, I don't envy Lt. Col. William Russell. He has to run against this barbarian. To William I say, "If you're ever in the presence of this odious critter, wear gloves -- and leave as quickly as possible."

Many people vote for the man out of fear. They're afraid Johnstow, sans Murtha, would start looking like Nineveh and Tryre. They open their mouths and he stuffs in a taxpayer-funded pacifier.

I hope to write more about what John Murtha has done for Johnstown and Cambria County, and I assure you that it's not much. He's done a lot less for other 85% of the district, much of which continues to look suspiciously like Appalachia on a bad day.

Yeah, Murtha may be unbeatable. But it's frightening what people like him do to the democratic process.

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