Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bill Russell Needs YOU

If you're a blogger supporting Russell, please re-post the following on your blog. If you don't have a blog, please forward it as an e-mail to your friends and associates. Thanks so much for your help!


“Embrace the Future”


The holidays are in full swing, and we're all making lists and shopping for gifts for our friends and family. Add Bill to your list and make sure that he has a Merry Christmas and a happy election season! We are counting down the 7 days leading to Christmas with a variety of important items the campaign needs to roll full steam ahead into the 2008 election season.

Your gift will be the difference in how the 2008 election season starts for Bill. His campaign needs the resources to travel, run ads on TV, host rallies and contact voters directly. The contribution you make to Bill's campaign will buy tangible things that will go a long way towards making Bill's bid for Congress successful.

Your gift of $1000 will make a day on the bus possible. $500 today will allow the campaign to run four television ads in the 12th Congressional District. Even your gift of $50 or $25 can make a big difference in what we're doing. These are things that Bill's campaign needs and this is your opportunity to give Bill a gift that will really help him in his bid for Congress.

Bill has a vision for a secure, unified and prosperous 12th Congressional District and America, but we can only make it real if his campaign has the funds to win. Making a contribution to Bill's campaign in the 7 days leading to Christmas will ensure that. Give his campaign a Christmas present that will help carry Bill to victory!

“You know, I am a strong consistent common sense conservative, but the most important issue facing our country and will be for a long time, is national security, and the safety of our people. I've spent a lot of time both in and out of the 12th Congressional District traveling, and talking to leaders. I know the country and the community we live in and I know what we need to do. I know that it's going to require strong leadership.”

Thanks for your help.

Bill Russell

PS: Give Bill a Christmas gift of $1000; $500; $100 or even $50 or $25 to help him beat Mr. Murtha.

Larry Stiles, USMC-Vietnam Veteran
Campaign Manager
William Russell for Congress
P.O. Box 630
Johnstown, PA 15907
Phone: 814.243.8662

Please volunteer for William Russell for Congress at http://williamrussellforcongress.com



Joshua said...

Spinning, maybe. Dishonest, definetly not. I have taken a hard look at the candidates, and I don't like any of them. But I dislike Huckabee the least, which is why I support him. Also, evangelicals are the main group he appeals to, but they are not the only ones he appeals to.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I replied to your other comment, and I don't have a lot to add to what I said. The funny thing is that I like several of the candidates (all Republican, admittedly). I like them because I don't demand that they be perfect, or that they wear their Christianity on the sleeves. When Rudy Giuliani became Mayor of NY there were just under 2500 murders in the city. This year, after a continuation of Giuliani policies outlined in the book The Tipping Point, there will be fewer than 500. Of course, someone as dishonest as Larry Perrault isn't going to acknowledge that point or seek to understand why the murder rate has gone down (sounds pro-life?). Mike Huckabee says he is pro-life, but his policies (supposedly, to pass a Constitutional Amendment) would do nothing to reduce abortion and increase adoption. That's another point our beloved Larry has acknowledged, but immediately forgot. To see why there will be no constitutional amendment in my lifetime (and probably in your lifetime) go to Wikipedia and look up "Human Life Amendment." To save on suspense, you will find that the last Human Life Amendment was proposed before you were born (1983). It needed 67 votes to pass, and it got 49. The chance for Huck's other favorite, the guy-and-gal marriage amendment will pass about the same time as the Human Life one. Romney has admitted this, as have Giuliani and McCain. Mike's support is the evangelicals and in states with few evangelicals he doesn't do well. I'm starting to like him less as I write more.

Joshua said...

Well, I'm from Texas, and evangelicals rule, plus they are yellow dog Republicans, except with Giuliani or McCain.