Thursday, December 6, 2007


By tomorrow morning (Friday), I'll have another column up on this, my new site. It will deal with the close -- and even somewhat disturbing -- relationship between Cong. John Murtha (D, PA 12th District) and Cong. Jason Altmire (D, PA 4th District). Both individuals are about as low as it goes in Pennsylvania. At one point in 2006, Altmire called the much-older Murtha "his campaign manager."

Murtha apparently taught Altmire everything he knows about campaigning one way and voting another. During elections, both claim to be "pro-life," but they don't always vote that way. Yes, I support Murtha's and Altmire's opponents -- William T. Russell and Melissa Hart -- and I do so for some very specific reasons. Russell and Hart are individuals of unquestioned integrity, and Murtha and Altmire most certainly are not.

If you're someone who strongly wants Murtha "out" of Congress, you'll surely wish the same fate for Altmire.

During his football "career" at Florida State University, Altmire was nothing more than a bench-warmer. In his political career, it's time to return him to his traditional "seated position."

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