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Samantha West: Murtha's Worst Nightmare

If you'd like to hear William Russell's fine one-hour appearance (Monday) on "Jenn of the Jungle's" BlogTalkRadio you can do by inserting the following in your browser:

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I invite you to read the piece below about Samantha West, a novelist and political activist who's a staunch supporter of Lt. Col. William Russell. You're also invited to read other pieces recently written about John Murtha (not exactly "Saint John" in my view).

New Column on Defeating MurthaBy Stephen R. Maloney(Stephen R. Maloney) During the month of December, I'll be folding "SmartPolitics101" in with my two other sites, which are: and The number of "Bloggers 4 Russell" continues to grow.

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Note: At the end of this column you can read about William Russell's radio appearance on BlogTalk Radio with "Jenn of the Jungle," a leading advocate for conservative causes.

I've been honored lately by numerous visitors who are Marines or members of Marine families. If more come -- and if you ask them for help, they will come -- please scroll down to the picture below of the Iwo Jima flag-raising.

One of the bloggers I found in my searches is not a Marine, but she's written a novel featuring the Corps! That's Samantha ("Sam") whom I noted in the previous column. She's one of many people who've joined the "Bloggers 4 Russell," an online force that's going to play a key role in helping Lt. Col. William Russell defeat John Murtha. (If you haven't joined the Russell Bloggers, what are you waiting for?)

Why is Sam, who's located in the Southwest, working hard to defeat a congressman from far-away Pennsylvania? Because, as she said on her own blog, she'd "vote for the Devil before she'd vote for Murtha." My sentiments entirely.

Sam did two things that some conservatives neglect to: (1) she noted that it's going to take a lot of money to defeat Murtha; (2) she volunteered to help with fundraising. Also, she went to, keyed in the name "Murtha" and found out about some of this recent fundraising. Here's the comment she left (in italics).

"In 2006 Murtha raised $2.7M, we have got to get together and raise a lot of money for William Russell. While issues are of the utmost importance, it is a practical matter that money has a huge impact on who wins the race. Every blogger who is for William Russell must do their best to bring cash to the table. This afternoon and evening I am putting together a letter writing campaign that anyone can do to help bring in the money. Within 48 hours I will have the procedure posted on my blog." -- Sam

I don't know exactly what Sam's politics are -- aside from the fact that despises Murtha, an understandable position. But I'm gratified that, unlike some political types, she doesn't regard her own ideological purity as somehow sufficient. She also doesn't assume that Murtha will self-combust and blow away.

She understands that it takes money for a challenger to have a chance to defeat a well-financed incumbent who does everything in his power to extract money from the beneficiaries of his dispersals of your tax dollars -- mainly lobbyists and well-heeled executives.

It will require a national effort to overcome Murtha, the House of Representative's version of Methuselah. That effort is already underway, and it's paying many early dividends.

Sam mentions that Murtha raised 1n 2006 about $2.7 million - more than three times as much as his opponent (and my friend) Diana Lynn Irey. What Sam didn't mention is that Murtha in the last election spent about three-and-a-quarter-million. He accused Diana of getting her money from out of state. In the end, he got two-thirds of his from out-of-state -- and she got two-thirds of hers from Pennsylvania (as you'll see on OpenSecrets). He doesn't allow the facts to interfere with his condemnations.

If you'll go yourself to and search around in Murtha's financial reports, you'll see that as of 9/30/2007, he'd raised more than $700,000 for the 2008 race against Russell. Somehow, somewhere he's spent a good chunk of that money (on what???). But I assure you, there's a lot more where that 700K came from.

Murtha doesn't sell out to just anyone, after all. Unless they have big bucks, he's not interested in them. I'll be writing more about this, but I hope you will go to OpenSecrets. Doing so -- and I do it all the time -- is one of the great "guility pleasures" of political activism.

In the meantime, please heed "Sam's" words. If you want Lt. Col. Russell to have a fighting chance against Moneybags Murtha, go to his site and make a contribution. You won't regret it.

As for "Sam," she's quite a find, although we've already found some others like her. She's one of those "connectors" I've referred to recently. That means she knows people, seeks to influence them, and takes the real actions that influence political outcomes. If Lt. Col. Russell can find 100 or so people like Sam, then John Murtha will drink alone on Election Eve.

I told Sam, whom I met today, that I like her. She's the incarnation of feistiness.

Heck, I'd go to war beside her, and I bet my Marine friend Larry would also!


Jenn of the Jungle, a BlogTalkRadio powerhouse, will have Lt. Col. William Russell, who's running hard and well against John Murtha, on her radio show at 8 p.m. Monday (today). Jenn says her show will be "Skewering Leftards like shrimp on a barbi . . . Jenn's Jungle Radio supports our troops and their mission. Bring it Moonbats." She's good. She's funny. And she just may be the girl your mother warned you about! Find Jenn at:

The call-in number for her show is: (646) 478-5334. She's a strong and effective supporter of our troops.

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