Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain Wins, Obama Flounders

Congratulations to Senator John McCain, first American POW to gain a major party nomination.

This site predicted long ago that McCain would win the nomination on March 4 -- and also predicted recently that Hillary Clinton would win Rhode Island, Ohio (by a large margin), and Texas (by a narrow margin). The last race is still close at midnight ET, but it appears Mrs. Clinton will win a majority of the votes cast in the Lone Star State primary.

As for Barack Obama, he has a heap of 'splaining to do about his positions on his friend Tony Rezko, NAFTA, and the "re-invasion" of Iraq. (He noted that if al Qaeda established a base in Iraq -- something it's already done -- he would re-invade.) If we were electing a President on the basis of cluelessness, he'd be the odds-on favorite.

Do I "like" Barack Obama? Put it this way: I worship the quicksand on which he walks.

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