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Barack Obama's Unsavory Financial Dealings

TOMORROW: I'LL HAVE A COLUMN CALLED "WHITHER GOEST HILLARY CLINTON?", a discussion of the diminishing number of options available to her. As far as "whither," her campaign, an ill-conceived one, is slowly "withering." However, I believe she has some very damaging information Obama, and the question is: will she release it? I expect she will have a big win in Ohio and a narrow win in Texas, as well as a solid win in Rhode Island. As far as "The People's Republic of Vermont," who knows? (I used to live in Vermont.) Mrs. Clinton has a very narrow window leading to the nomination, and if she doesn't win both Ohio and Texas that window will slam shut. People in the MSM still have a hard time grasping that fact, because they are the ones who long ago proclaimed Hillary The Inevitable Winner. So much for inevitability. Obama would be the most under-qualified presidential candidate since Ohio's Warren Gamaliel Harding, also a silver-tongued orator but an exemplar of cluelessness when it came to being President. He was, however, wise enough to die during his first (and last) term, thereby enabling a better man to become President: "Silent" Calvin Coolidge of Vermont. On the strange picture below, is it just me, or is Obama appearing increasingly anorexic? If he drops below 100 pounds, that could hurt his chances.

Tim Russert, Keith Olberman, Wolf Blitzer, and Chris Matthews award Barack Obama 2008 Heisman Trophy! Michelle Obama is early favorite in Las Vegas odds for Mrs. America! This site provides some of the best humorous pictures of the wildly overrated Senator Obama. If you have any good photos, please send them along to me at:

Today, Chicago political "fixer" Tony Rezko, Obama's friend since 1990, goes on trial in Chicago for federal corruption charges. You probably haven't heard much about Mr. Rezko, a major contributor to Obama's 2004 campaign for the U.S. Senate. In a recent debate, Mrs. Clinton correctly mentioned Rezko as a Chicago "slumlord" and a buddy of Obama. That was the first time most Americans had heard of the man, who's been a constant political presence during the Illinois Senator's career.

How corrupt are Illinois politics? In fact, three of the previous seven governors have spent time in federal prison. The current governor looks as if he's trying hard to make it four-out-of-eight.

MSNBC had a story this morning (Monday) about Rezko's trial. Of course, the network had a banner indicating that Senator Obama of course had nothing to do with the bribery and sweetheart deals engaged in by Rezko. However, aside from the the two Chicago dailies and a Boston weekly paper, the media generally have avoided any careful examination of the relationship between Rezko and Senator Obama.

Recently, Cincinnati talk-show host Willie Cunningham called Obama "a Chicago political hack." John McCain repudiated Cunningham's remarks, but they don't appear to be far from the truth. In his Senate campaign, Obama raised an amazing amount: $14.5 million.

Much of that money came from unsavory characters, including the relentlessly anti-American Soros family, billionaires who "earned" their money through financial speculation. (See information about Obama's fundraising at At you can also find records of the millions the Soros family has poured into the campaigns of left-wing Democrats over the past decade-and-a-half.)

Here's the link to the Soros families' massive contributions:

Of course, Obama's national finance director in his presidential effort is one Penny Pritzker, a member of a fabulously wealthy Chicago family. As a board member of a major Chicago financial institution (Superior Bank), Ms. Pritzer played a significant role in the subprime mortgage crisis. Check the following link re Ms. Pritzker:

If you want to read more about Obama's interesting financial dealings, please go "Samantha's" site at:

Obama has received heavy contributions from organized labor, which is the biggest donor in American politics. What do the Senator's union buddies receive for their money? If you go to the section on Obama in Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Politics, you'll find that Obama's AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) rating for 2005-2007 is 100%. That means he never deviates from the public employees' stance on issues.

Of course, one of Obama's main tactics in soliciting votes is to suggest that he will "reach across the aisle" to work with Republicans. However, his record demonstrates no such tendency. He is the farthest left-wing member of the U.S. Senate in a country that's relentlessly moderate in its views.

Of course, Obama claims Tony Rezko didn't get anything for his contributions and a sweetheart land deal. Yeah, sure, right. The place to look in Obama's record is the 130 times he voted "present" in the Illinois State Senate, something that's never been clarified. The question is: how many of those votes benefited Tony Rezko?

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