Thursday, March 13, 2008


"A political gaffe occurs when a candidate inadvertently tells the truth." (John Fund)
"Hearing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate about who has the most national security experience is like hearing two chihuahuas argue about who's the biggest dog." (Mitt Romney on March 12). Romney left no doubt that the "big dog" on the crucial issue of national security is John McCain.

Tomorrow's important column: "Obama's 'Spiritual Advisor' Hates America."

I like Mitt Romney as a person and a candidate. As most of my reader know, I hope John McCain chooses Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his vice-presidential running. In the campaign, Sarah -- relatively little-known in what Alaskans call "the lower-48" -- would take off like a cruise missile.

However, if John McCain chooses Mitt Romney, an expert on economic growth, as his vice-president, I wouldn't be disappointed. I don't at all believe McCain is somehow obligated to pick a hard-shell right-winger as a running mate. Romney is an articulate conservative who would eviscerate -- rhetorically speaking -- anyone the Democrats choose for the vice-presidency. John McCain needs to take a very careful look at Gov. Romney.

Romney's joke about the chihuahuas is a good one. In the general election, humor can be a powerful weapon. Note the fact that "Saturday Night Live," a comedy show, is playing a significant role in the Democratic primary, in large part by influencing media coverage of Barack Obama. It's a sad situation when a satirical TV show has to remind the media what its job is.In the general election,

McCain-Romney (or McCain-Palin) will be able to use Hillary Clinton's questions about Barack Obama's ability to be commander-in-chief. As you'll recall, Mrs. Clinton said that both she and John McCain had "a lifetime of experience." In contrast, she said Barack Obama "has a speech he gave in 2002" (against the Iraq War).

If Obama is the nominee, as he probably will be, I can't imagine Republicans not using Hillary's remarks in a commercial -- one that shows over and over again. Senator Clinton has seriously questioned Obama's capacity to serve as President, and she's absolutely correct. Increasingly, the Illinois Senator appears to be someone who's all speech and no coherent action.

Paul Begala, a media cheerleader for the Clintons, recently talked about his "concern" some recent poll numbers. They showed that 25% of Senator Clinton's voters said that, if their candidate doesn't get the nomination, they will be inclined to vote for John McCain. There's additional evidence that McCain will get a majority of the votes by the huge bloc of Independents.

Mitt Romney's witty comments about Hillary and Barack being "chihuahuas" make us smile. But the fact that it rings true with so many voters is not something that put a frown on the faces of many Democrats.

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