Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lloyd Marcus: Important Black Conservative

This good-looking young man is Lloyd Marcus, who's now grown up to be a thoughtful spokesman for American conservatives of African descent. This weekend (Saturday) I'll be printing Lloyd's autobiographical snippet ("Confessions") about growing up in "the projects" in Baltimore -- and the influence his parents had on him. Lloyd is a frequent contributor to one of the best groups on Yahoo, the "Black Conservatives." Be sure to visit this site on Saturday/Sunday.
On the Black Conservatives (generally pro-McCain) Yahoo Group, there's been a vigorous debate about what the Democratic "Superdelegates" (party bosses and bigwigs) will do.

Here's what one Black conservative said: "The superdelegates will not override the will of the voters unless Obama is in jail. They will not let themselves in for a civil war byoverruling a black man who is beloved by the young by going over theheads of the electorate and naming the candidate that lost theprimaries as the nominee."

Here's the response of another Black conservative: "I beg to differ. What is the use of the superdelegates if they can't vote independently? Also, dont discount the Clinton machine; they will find a way to get the superdelegates into their pockets. Furthermore, say if obama gets the [Superdelegate] vote. It's not a big deal because there is no way he will win the general election; his base is firmly intact; however, the independent vote will swing toward Mccain.
There is absolutely no way independent voters will vote for a man who doesnt see the necessity of leaving a virulently racist church and speaking boldly against the anti-American propaganda exhibited in that church.

To take things one step further, if the superdelegates do give the nomination to Hillary, then many Black Dems. will simply stay at home believing that the black candidate was shafted by the white Dems. As a result, the independents, once again, will not vote for the Dem's. nominee because they do not like hillary. Either way, the Republicans will win the general election.
The only candidate who has the chance of securing the independent vote is Mccain. So, it's the GOp in '08.

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