Thursday, October 16, 2008

Take Back America, Right Now

Sarah Palin, the brightest hope not just for America but for the Western World

I sent the following to 1,000-plus of my closest friends:

Dear Friends: I salute all of you who are involved in the Ground Game to ensure the election of John McCain and Sarah Palin. We need to reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and, yes, perfect strangers, to win on November 4.

The closeness of this election has been, at times, emotionally draining. But all of us have made many new friends and allies, some of them coming from unexpected backgrounds and political views. We need to ensure that never again does the U.S. have a presidential candidate like Barack H. Obama: inexperienced, unqualified, untrustworthy, and careless about protecting our country.

We in fact are going to take back this country. The goal of outstanding people like Chris Cook (, Jacquerie (, and Karen Hill ( is to build organizations that will in combination be much bigger and stronger than the extremists'

I urge all of you to join these groups now..We need to hang together and not demand total agreement on every issue, but rather aim for mutual understanding and unity on shared goals. There will be a lot more about this right after the election.

In her debate with the Washington Windbag Biden, Sarah Palin talked about an America chracterized by "liberty, tolerance/respect, and opportunity." That's a real good starting point.
God bless all of you.

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langsimon said...

"Sarah Palin, the brightest hope not just for America but for the Western World"

"but for the western world"...Steve I admire your vigor and the energy to put into this is in no doubt, but please, Sarah Palin the brightest hope for the Western World, Look at the Western World leaders around us, look at their experience and what they've done. Seriously, you do yourself a disservice with this kind of comment, if it even is your comment, you have a talent of plagiarism of late, of which I hope you will recede upon.

ps, you still haven't told this blog the title of the two books you have written, this is the second time of asking :-)