Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin: Next GREAT President?

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Gov. Sarah Palin with John and Cindy McCain

Dear Friends, last night before the Palin-Biden debate I got an urgent e-mail from Tatiana Sabadini Goncalves asking me if I would write for El Diario, a huge Brazilian newspaper, on whether Sarah Palin was ready to be President. I replied to Tatiana (scroll down), a reporter with the World Edition, and she was nice enough to send me a reply today. As you'll see, I said (writing in a hurry) that Sarah would someday be a great President. Below: First Tatiana and then me. -- steve (This is one of those experiences I thought I'd never have in this lifetime; I've had many this year.)

Tatiana says:

You help me a lot! Thank you Stephen. I hope I can count on you for others Sarah Palin stories.

Tatiana Sabadini Gonçalves

Editoria Mundo

RedaçãoDiários Associados

Hi Tatiana: Sarah Palin is very ready to be Presdient of the U.S. She has more executive experience, as a Governor, than ALL the other candidates combined (McCain, Obama, and Biden). She has a well-earned reputation for being willing to go against her own Party (Republican) when it is in the wrong. McCain has done the same, but neither Obama nor Biden has ever gone against the wishes of their Party. Coming from a state that's very rich in natural resources, Sarah Palin is an expert on energy (particularly oil and natural gas) and the environment, subjects that seem to mystify Biden and Obama. Rather than just chattering about the middle class, as her opponents do, she IS a member of the middle class. As a mother -- and the mother of a soldier -- she has experience managing a household and raising children that is foreign to most male politicians. She is a leader and a pillar of integrity, both of which are essential in a President.

She will make a great one.

Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA


Carlos Echevarria said...

Good response Steve...I have a pretty extensive background in Brasil, through travel and business. (as well as relationships w/ brasileiras)

I speak and write Portuguese...they have almost a schizophrenic point of view vis a vis the US...hate our foreign policy, etc. but love our culture and will do anything for visas.

Of course when you point out more people die in Rio yearly in combat between drug gangs and the military/police than in Iraq, by UN stats, they don't have an answer.

They are fascinated with Barry, plus Lula has been spouting lately alot of rhetoric...odd because Mac is in favor of lifting the ethanol tax so their sugar based product can come in tax free.

Plus they are very advanced in flex fuel cars, another component of the Lexington Project, Mac's energy plan.

McCain had a week long affair with a Brazilian model in the sixties, when his ship did a port call, she was interviewed recently by O Globo, before he fought in Nam.

If I can be of any assistance to you with your project or if you want reference sites, etc., just ask me.

Keep up the great work, buddy, and I am dying to keep seeing Sarah being Sarah for the next 30 plus days.

langsimon said...


I looked up Tatiana Sabadini Gonçalves, I can find no reporting by her in El Diario in any shape or form, I do speak spanish too:-). I could not find your written article anywhere either, perhaps you can point us in the right direction