Monday, June 16, 2008

Senator Steve Sauerberg: Illinois Challenge

How can individuals like Steve Sauerberg, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois (opposing Sen. Dick Durbin) pull off a totally unexpected victory? He needs to get across the point that re-electing people who are the causes of the nation's problems is a form of political insanity (i.e., doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping somehow for a different result). A key point GOP challengers must make is this: Only 22% of the American people approve of the performance of Congress, but many people are quick to defend their local person.

In fact, Dick Durbin -- and others like him -- ARE the Congress. Durbin has been part of it since 1982, and anything that's wrong with it is frankly his fault. He's not somehow divorced from its failures. They're HIS failures.

During Durbin's tenure in Congress, gasoline prices have more than tripled! (See What did Durbin do to prevent the gas price catastrophe? Nothing. What did he do to warn the American people? Nothing. What can we expect from a future Congress full of Durbins? Would you believe gasoline at $6-$7 a gallon?

What is Durbin's plan to prevent such an economy-destroying development? He has none. In fact, his approach is to ensure the U.S. produces LESS oil -- presumably so we can become more dependent on the Hugo Chavezes of the world.

Illinois Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Steve Sauerberg with his wife and daughter.

On my Pennsylvania blog and my other national blog, I wrote today about the campaign of Dr. Steve Sauerberg, a Republican facing off for a U.S. Senate seat against Democrat Dick Durbin. Yes, with Barack Obama of Chicago running for the presidency, Illinois will be a tough state for Republicans, but aren't they all? (

Can Steve Sauerberg win? He can if he does everything right -- and if the Obama campaign falters as much it might. Obama has the best voice -- and the worst record -- of any candidate to run for the presidency. As for Dick Durbin, he's a wimpish, fussy man with no real legislative accomplishments.

The Sauerberg Campaign has up a new web site:, which is a stroke of political genius. Durbin has been in Congress -- first in the House and then in the Senate -- since 1982. As National Journal voted Obama the most liberal Senator in 2007, Durbin took the same dubious "honor" in 2006.

Under Dick Durbin's "watch," gasoline prices have tripled; food prices have skyrocketed; house price have gone into free fall; the nation has endured the devastation of 9/11; and the Democratic Party has systematically undermined the nation's security.

Durbin lists his religion as Roman Catholic, but he's pro-abortion. That's a little like being an agnostic Muslim. It makes no religious or intellectual sense, but of course it does make political sense -- the only kind Durbin apparently values. As a spokesman for the equally cynical Obama, Durbin has never met a hard question he can't evade.

Unlike Durbin, Steve Sauerberg is not a lifelong politician. He's a noted physician and a humanitarian. He's exactly the kind of person we need in the Senate, but of course, he's also the kind we rarely get.

Dick Durbin voted to prohibit drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, but he doesn't accept any responsibility for the fact that the nation is short of oil. He voted to provide "rights" in military detainees in Gitmo, but he doesn't see the relationship between those rights and the future deaths of Americans.

Like many Democrats, he seems terrified by the impending U.S. victory in Iraq. To prevent such a "calamity" from happening, he voted urge Iraq withdraw. Apparently, he realized that if the U.S. did not withdraw -- and won -- then he and his crony Obama would be exposed for the political charlatans they are.

Of course, most people don't talk to Dick Durbin in the way I am. Because he's a classic Beltway Bigshot, they humor him. They treat him as if he's not a total fraud and a pathetic legislator.

Dick Durbin will raise the usual gazillion dollars we associate with incumbent Democratic Senators. He may win the election, as he did the two previous ones. But there's some evidence that he could be in the fight of his life.

If America faces many wrenching problems -- and it does -- the Dick Durbins of the world can't escape culpability. The citizens of Illinois are good people, but when they ask themselves what Dick Durbin has done for them lately, they may just end up casting their ballots for Steve Sauerberg.

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