Sunday, June 8, 2008

BULLETIN: Palin Receives MEGA-Endorsement

On my Pennsylvania blog I've received an urgent request from Tom Manion, Republican congressional candidate in PA's 8th district. It deals with an important online poll. Manion, a Marine Corps veteran, lost his son Travis in the Iraq War. Please visit the site for information.

Important Note: This afternoon (Monday) I'll have up another column going into some detail about the Kelly endorsement of Sarah Palin (see below) and the criticality of the vice-presidential choices this year. If you want to see the column a little early, e-mail me at:, and I'll send it immediately. Thanks so much for visiting. (I love the pic below of Sarah.) On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site I have a guest column by a Black woman strongly endorsing John McCain.

Sarah Palin receives major endorsement for V-P and is now frontrunner for a slot on the McCain ticket.

"Sarah Palin is no ordinary mortal."

Bulletin: Today one of the nation's most important conservative columnists, Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade, endorsed Sarah Louise Heath Palin of Alaska for the vice-president slot on John McCain's ticket. Please tell everyone in the blogo-verse! Good for Jack! He calls her McCain's "secret weapon" and a major key to victory. He calls her "a running mate who's got it all."

Sarah's candidacy is critical to the victories of Republican candidates like Melissa Hart (PA), Toni Gilhooley (PA), Dana Walsh (CA), Marina Kats (PA), and many others. Jack's column is at:

Please scroll down to the previous column to read about what groups Sarah Palin should help attract. It's a long list.

On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site I have an important column by an African-American woman who's strongly backing John McCain.

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