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This week I sent the following to BradMarston of, a major operative for Senator John McCain.

I said: I'm going to ask dozens of bloggers to join the Bloggers for McCain, and I believe most of them will. The "Rudy" group on Yahoo is mostly in McCain's camp now, and many of them are talented activists (Sharon, the group leader, worked in NH & FL for Rudy). They are one of the "sane" groups (as opposed to the other kind) on Yahoo Groups.I'll be writing a lot about McCain over the next several weeks. My column yesterday (Jan. 31) cites Michael Barone's comments. If McCain has a great Internet campaign, he can win.

The following is Brad's response.

Stephen, it is great to have you on board.Thank you for also reaching out to the former Rudy bloggers and getting them to come on board. Rudy's concession speech was wonderful, heartfelt and realistic. John McCain will be the nominee and hopefully President.Stephen let me ask you a favor. I am a victim of my own success. You remember back in November when I had to beg bloggers to co-sign our post on the official blog. Now I could get 100 bloggers to sign it. I have been fortunate enough to have so many people, so much more qualified than I to join up. Please have your former Rudy Bloggers contact Michael Schuyler at for info on the MV08 blog.Michael is the MAN. He has generated 21 new McCain blogs just in the past month.You and I are a special case. We understand the importance of the internet to campaigns. (I Love Sarah Palin). Please keep contacting me personally but also cc Michael when you do.Stephen, again. Thank you so much for your support and all your kind words on my behalf.Warmest regards,Brad

I hope everyone who visits this blog seizes the initiative (contacting Michael Schuyler at michael or going directly to: Brad outlines. The presidential election will not be held until November 4, 2008, but the foundation for victory will be established long before Election Day. Thanks so much for your assistance.NOTE: In my previous column, which I urge you to read, I point out Michael Barone's excellent description of "McCain, the Man." I'll be writing more each day between now and February 6 about steps Senator McCain must take to win the election next November. My emphasis in the next few days will be on the Supreme Court, health care, immigration, and the War on Terror, on all of which the Senator must sharpen his stands. It will be no picnic running against the team of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (who now seems to recognize that he will be on the ticket as the vice-presidential nominee).

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