Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Thanks to my frequent visitors, many of whom I've mentioned before. But a special hello to the visitors from Rome, GA (I used to live in Athens, GA) and from Jefferson, MD, which I've never visited but hope to someday.

Super Tuesday is unfolding with speed and ferocity tonight, but not a whole lot is clear yet. If Senator McCain wins California, he seems almost certain to win the nomination. If he doesn't win California, well, he'll still probably get the nomination but the battle will continue in MD, VA, and DC -- and then on to Texas and Ohio on March 4. I can't imagine how hard it all is on the candidates because it's exhausting for the rest of us!

I get a kick out of Hillary Clinton talking about her "35 years of experience." Ten of those years she spent as first lady of the great state of Arkansas and then eight years as First Lady of the U.S. That brings her down to 17 years of experience, most of it spent keeping a close eye on her wandering husband.

I continue to support John McCain as the best available candidate for the presidency. Mrs. Clinton right now on CNN is telling us we need "someone who will be ready on day one!" The problem is that we live in fear and trembling of exactly what she'll be ready for. The way I see is that Hillary Clinton is ready to be First Lady in perpetuity, while John McCain is ready to be commander-in-chief.

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