Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barack Obama: The Hope-Monger

Above from Chicago Sun-Times: "Exactly what did Obama just say?"

Note: I'm doing rsearch on the relationship between George Soros and his political funding of -- and ideological influence on -- Barack Obama. A Hungarian who emigrated to American and made billions of dollars in finance and currency speculation, Soros, his family, and business associates have contributed huge sums to Barack Obama in his senatorial and presidential campaigns. (See the "Obama" financial sections on http://opensecrets.org/, especially the "top contributors" segments for 2006 and 2008.)

Soros is the financial "godfather" of Moveon.org, the nation's largest political hate group. He's also a fan of Hamas, the Palestine-centered terrorist group. On Feb. 1, 2008, Moveon.org, an organization that claims 3 million-plus left-leaning members, gave its first endorsement to a presidential candidate: Barack Obama. The vast amount of money that's recently poured into Obama's coffers apparently has come from Moveon-types. Moveon.org members and Soros have been pressuring Obama to take more extreme positions on the economy and the war on terrorism.

My columns on Soros, Moveon, and Obama will begin appearing on Sunday, February 17.

Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Politics, 2008, p. 539, says the following of Obama as an Illinois State Senator: "He voted against providing medical care for fetuses who survived abortions." So much for his "universal health care."

"Hope is the thing with feathers [the bird that flies]." -- Emily Dickinson

"I'm not a hope-monger." -- Barack Obama (Oh, really?)

"It's not a promise of hope. It's a platitude." -- John McCain on Barack Obama's "message"

"My friends, I'm fired up -- and ready to go." -- John McCain

I'll have a new column on Barack Obama on Wednesday by noon, EST. My first column on Obama, the one with Che Guevera on a Cuban flag, is below. So are the links that will take you to the news sources that broke the flag story. Two columns down you'll find a column about Mrs. Clinton ("Iraq: Is it Hillary's War?"). Mrs. Clinton is starting to look a lot like the silver medalist in the race for the nomination.

CNN announced earlier tonight (Tuesday) that the Virginia Republican Primary was "very competitive" (and thus "too close to call," their other favorite cliche). In fact, John McCain apparently won VA by about 60,000 votes. Anderson Cooper just called it "a close win." Wonder who CNN is backing?


Leevo4McCain said...

Good post. Check out my editorial on Obama and some of his voting record.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Leevo, will do. I'm added more today (bottom of column) on Senator Obama's new (and huge) tax increase proposal for "Global Poverty." Since Obama has become very rich from book sales, the taxes don't apply to his wealth, only to income.

steve maloney