Friday, January 11, 2008


This weekend I'll have a column on Saturday and one on Sunday. I'd love to hear from readers on their "guesses" -- and that's all they can be at this point -- on which candidates they (i.e., you) think the eventual nominees will be.

There don't appear to be any clear frontrunners right now. Super Tuesday (February 5) is looming as the definitive moment, but we may not know for certain even then who the winners will be. It could be that close a race.What are my guesses? So far, I'm said on different occasions that I believe the Democratic nominee will be Barack Obama (rather than Hillary Clinton), but I can't make that claim with certainty.

Unlike many of my fellow conservatives, I never understimate the political skills of anyone named "Clinton." On Eric Dondero's radio show the day before the New Hampshire primary, I said that Mrs. Clinton's "tearing-up" episode would help hur rather than hurt, and I turned out to be one of the few conservatives that got that right.

On the Republican side, I don't believe the nominee will be either Fred Thompson (the most disappointing of the candidates) or Mitt Romney. I started out many months ago by endorsing Rudy Giuliani, whom I still think would be a fine nominee. But for various reasons, I switched last week to John McCain. In other words, I've been all over the lot on my predictions.

What are your own thoughts?

If I had to bet the farm today, my guesses would be: Barack Obama and John McCain.

The following are my additional comments to "GenXDad" on his praise for Cindy's piece on McCain-haters and Reagan-haters being one and the same:

I give Cindy at The Pink Flamingo ( a lot of credit for doing some great research on this subject. It's hard to remember, but Reagan got criticized all the time for being "too liberal," which was ridiculous. He did what he believed had to be done, including the grant of "amnesty" to many immigrants, mostly Mexicans. Reagan was not a militant pro-lifer, because he believed (correctly) it was impossible to pass any sort of constitutiononal amendment on the subject. Go to wikipedia and read about "The Human Life Amendment," and you'll see why he thought as he did. He ended up as one of the few truly GREAT Presidents. There have not been any perfect Presidents.

It's fine for people to disagree with John McCain on immigration, campaign reform, or other issues. But they have an obligation to show that they understand his arguments and then they have to duty to show why they disagree. Mere sloganeering is not enough by any means. An issue like immigration is really a tough one. How does one take a sound position without sounding anti-Mexican and thereby losing (forever) most of the critical Hispanic vote? McCain wrestles with such issues -- but most of his opponents have done little thinking on the subjects.


Sanity102 said...

I've written this via email but I'll go on record.

My prediction:

Romney will lose Michigan which will put him out of the running.

Hewitt and Ingraham, fearing McCain, will throw their support to Rudy.

IF Rush, Hewitt and Ingraham FINALLY get that the illegal immigration issue is a loser and understand their 'base' is not the base of the GOP nor do they make up the majority of voting Americans--and stop trying to tell their listeners who to support, Rudy will take the GOP nomination and has a chance of taking on Obama/Hilary.

If their pride makes them attack McCain, the Independents who loves the underdog will reject Rudy as they have Romney.

This will open the field to either McCain or Huckabee.

Obama will offer Hilary the VP or vise versa (depends on who wins Michigan) which will make the Dems the attractive choice for Independents that are tired of the negativity.

If Hilary gains the top seat, we will have 8 years of military chill, bad foreign policy, spin type economics--and judges that will take America to a godless socialism that will doom future generations.

If Obama gains the top sea, we will have one Dem term because his shining city on the hill stupidity will result in a city being visited by a dirty bomb--let us hope it isn't our city or the city of one of our loved ones.

And America will come running back to the GOP. The Right will make us safe again and spend decades trying to undo the courts...until of course some "conservatives" decide that their "truth" is the only truth and start trying to tell our elected leaders how to run the country again.

The only hope is that the people turn against Republican In Name Only ex lawyers-now talk show hosts and insist on uniting behind a viable GOP candidate.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Sanity, did I ever tell you that you're a very wise woman? I'm not a big fan of Mitt Romney. I think John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Huckabee are all good candidates. Either Hillary (probable nominee, but not without a fight) or Obama are income redistributionists who don't really grasp the WOT -- Obama is the worst on that "small" point. John McCain survived five-plus years being tortured in Vietnam, and he just may survive the primaries as the nominee. I'm a New Yorker by birth. I understand Rudy and like him, even though he'd probably be hxll to work for. Would I work for him (as speechwriter)? Knowing me, I probably would. I love my country, no ifs, ands, or buts.