Thursday, January 24, 2008

McCain: Urgent Need for Donations

Welcome to the visitor from Gorham, NH, which I visited many times as a child. My father was born in Berlin, NH, and my wife and I spent some nice times at the Balsams, way up north. Come again!

Today, I received the following message from Bard Marston, a Massachusetts-based volunteer for Senator John McCain. Brad's efforts were vital in the Senator's winning the NH and SC primaries.

As Super Tuesday (Feb. 25) approaches, the Senator needs contributions that will enable him to make media "buys" in critical states. I donated $50 today to the Senator, and I hope you'll consider doing likewise. Thanks. (The following is the link to McCain's web site, where you should click on "Contribute": I'm asking everyone who visits my site(s) to reprint this posting on their own site, as well as to send e-mails to friends and family members.


I hope this is what you had in mind.

McCain Victory 08
January 24, 2008

Dear Brad,

The Florida Primary is only days away. The McCain Campaign is launching a major media buy and needs your help. It is so important, that Senator McCain has offered to have a private conference call with the top donors from McCainVictory08, when we raise $100,000 for the campaign.

John McCain is connecting with voters and is leading in national polls and in the important state of Florida. Rudy Giuliani has bet his political future on winning Florida. Mitt Romney continues to pour millions of his own money into his campaign. All the candidates know that a win in Florida will catapult them towards Super Tuesday.

We need to make certain that John McCain has the resources he needs to compete in Florida and Super Tuesday. Please make a donation today directly to the campaign by clicking the link below.

Your donation of $100, $250 or $500 will help John McCain get his message out to Florida and answer the increasingly strident attacks of some of his opponents.

I understand that at this point in the campaign, many McCain Suppporters are "maxed out" on donations. Whether you can contribute or not, please help Senator McCain by forwarding this e-mail to five friends or family members.

Make sure to tell them when they make their donation to put YOUR NAME in the "referred by" box at the bottom of the donation page. The top 15 individual donors and the top 15 referrers will be invited to participate in a private conference call with Senator McCain after his victories on Super Tuesday.

I know it is alot to ask but your donation, in ANY amount is much needed and much appreciated by Senator McCain, the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers for the campaign and of course, me.

Warmest regards,

Brad Marston

McCain Victory 08

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