Sunday, June 28, 2009

Palin Advancing Quckly on Obama

Greg H. posted some interesting (and positive) comments (below in italics) about how Gov. Palin is doing in the blogosphere. Things are moving very much in the right direction for Sarag Palin.

If we achieve a grassroots efforts that is truly huge -- and I believe we will -- we can win the presidential election in 2012. Frankly, it's as much up to us as it is to Gov. Palin.

In many of the states won by Obama (including FL, IN, OH, MI, and some others) the economic situation is calamitous, with unemployment up in the double-digits. On issues like cap and trade, healthcare, and immigration reform, Obama must get legislation passed this year or he can forget about it through the balance of his first (and last) term.

On my DraftPalin2012 blog, I posted this weekend Cindy R's useful comments on how bloggers can take steps that will move the online momentum even more in Gov. Palin's direction. Sarah is counterattacking very effectively against the liberal mudslingers. She neturalized (neutered?) Letterman with her comments labeling him a dirty old man, and she nailed John Kerry ("Why the long face, John?") late last week. Obama and his minions (mainly Axelrod, Soros, Emanuel, Begala, and Carville) remain very worried about her.

The 2012 election is of course a long time away; however, the election will be "won" -- the foundations for winning be set -- in 2009 and 2010.

Greg H. wrote:

I always read the comment sections on news stories and blogs related to Gov. Palin, and have noticed that there are an increasing number of positive comments being left, particularly at the Anchorage Daily News, Boston Herald, and other papers. Some of the anti-Palin bogs are getting a lot of pro-Palin comments left on them as well. More and more blogs that have never mentioned her before are now posting positive stuff about her from time to time. Gov. Palin's Facebook is fast approaching 560,000 up about 15,000 in the last 2 weeks, and she is approaching 40,000 followers on Twitter.

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