Monday, June 22, 2009

Americans Supporting Iran's Green Revolution

Unlike Barack Obama, who's afraid of his own anorexic shadow, freedom-loving people around the world are in total support of Iran's "Green Revolution." We do not want to negotiate with the hateful Ahmidinejad and the crazed "Supreme Ayatollah." We want Iran to realize the great promise of its wonderful people. Elyse, president of the pro-military Eagles UP! sent me the following message that shows how you can use Twitter to back the Green Revolution.

Having a newly created Twitter account, I have found many things and why Twitter is so important where this Iranian revolt is concerned. Iran, trying to silence the web and prevent people from getting out news and video, have cut the bandwith in half, in addition to blocking some websites.

They can't block Twitter because it only allows you to type 140 characters at a time, which is VERY little bandwith- in addition to people being able to do this from the cell phones. Iran knows this and are trying to trace people registered with a Tehran time zone to prevent them from communicating to the outside world.There is a revolt going on for this on Twitter.

If you have not created an account- this is the reason you should- even if you don't care to ever twitter. Create a free account and set your time zone to Tehran (GMT + 3.30).

In addition, when you have your setting saved, please visit this link to make your picture to a green block, which shows support for the people in Iran. If you have a picture already, it adds a green tint. If you want to follow the live updates from Tehran, put #iranelection in the search (do type the # sign).

You can create the account and set it for Tehran and leave it alone and never check twitter again, This helps the people stay under the radar, as their government isn't coming after us!! This helps the people get out their words, without the worry of complete stiffling from the government. If you have no other reason to have a twitter account, now you do. Stand up with the people seeking freedom in Iran, by this little five minute and free task.

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