Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Delivers Mediocre Speeches

In the D-Day speeches today, Sarkozy, Brown, and (Canada's) Harper delivered very good ones, especially Sarkozy. In their remarks, they stressed the importance of personal freedom. Stephen Harper said, "We must teach liberty. We must promote democracy." Of course, those are the very elements so clearly lacking in Obama's remarks, which consist mainly of a jumble of abstractions. Like Chinese food, his remarks are pleasing for a moment, but inevitably leave one hungry -- wishing somehow that there was more to it.

In his Cairo speech yesterday, Obama spoke three times about the right of Muslim women to wear the "hijab," the head scarf. Of course, he never mentioned the right of Muslim women NOT to wear the head scarf. His Secretary of State, long an advocate of female rights, apparently has been told never to mention the subject (at least outside the US).

Obama has no understanding (or at least claims to have no understanding) of the link between Islam, the Qu'ran, and violent Jihad. For God's sake, people, late in the 19th century (!!!!) the forces of the Ottoman Empire were besieging the walls of Vienna, Austria, trying to forcibly convert Europe to the "joys" of Islam. From the 7th century A.D. onward Islam tired to intimidate, kill, and forcibly convert people.

Within the past few years, a Muslim man tried to convert to Christianity in Afghanistan. The "Islamic courts" there sentenced him to death, which is of course the standard practice (in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere) for dealing with someone who converts from Islam. Finally, the U.S. got Italy (!!!!) to accept the individual as a refugee. And that's our "ally," Afghanistan.

Does Obama know these things? Yeah, but ultimately he doesn't care. Why should he? After all, he "won the election." Obama gave one slight nod today to the "rights of women." No one, not a single individual in the audience (which apparently was almost all male) applauded. These people are barbarians, and they are extremely dangerous.

Yeah, Obama wanted to "build a bridge" . . . but it will turn out to be a Bridge to Nowhere.

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