Thursday, June 4, 2009

Islam: Obama's Disgraceful 'Apology Tour'

In his Cairo speech today, Obama spoke three times about the right of Muslim women to wear the "hijab," the head scarf. Of course, he never mentioned the right of Muslim women NOT to wear the head scarf. His Secretary of State, long an advocate of female rights, apparently has been told never to mention the subject (at least outside the US).

It is time for patriots to begin laying the groundwork for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama, As he exudes weakness before our country's enemies, he continues to put this country in great peril. Yes, he and the Soros-wing of the Democrat Party, never tire of expressing their hatred for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. They despise those people because they love America. If there is some other reason, I'd love to hear it.

Fresh from declaring (absurdly) the US "a Muslim country," Barack Hussein Obama spoke at length today in Cairo, Egypt. With that country having one of the most brutal dictatorships -- based on Islam -- in the world neglected to emphasize the need for freedom, human rights, and a movement toward democracy. Why should he emphasize such things when he doesn't believe in them for his own country, assuming he even regards the US as his country?

At one point, engaging in his increasingly tiresome Bush-bashing, Obama talked about how 9/11 has caused the US to "abandon some of its ideals." What he's condemning the US for is defending itself against some of the same Muslim fanatics who made up a significant part of his audience. Our "ideals" do not include wearing a sign that says "Attention Terrorists, Please Kill Us."

Obama's brand of diplomacy is one where the US lies whimpering in a corner. Apparently, we are supposed to express our regrets for defending ourselves against the Islamo-fascists whom Obama is afraid to identify, let alone condemn. Every time the man cranks up his TelePrompter, our country faces greater dangers. He will not defend the US because he believes there is nothing worth defending.

Obama's illusion is that if he apologizes constantly to Muslims that will somehow cause people who hate us will somehow like us. He calls it "building bridges," but really its his version of a Bridge to Nowhere. Frankly, we shouldn't want authoritarian countries that scoff at basic human rights and who celebrate a religion based on intolerance to LIKE us. If they did, it would prove we were doing something terribly wrong.

Yes, only a minority of people in a country like Egypt (or Saudi Arabia) believe in freedom, democracy, and human rights. However, that's precisely the minority we should be reaching out to . .. and helping nurture. We should be doing everything in our power to defeat and marginalize the hundreds of millions of Muslims who are little more than barbarians.

I attacked Obama on both my blogs today because the man has no understanding (or at least claims to have no understanding) of the link between Islam, the Qu'ran, and violent Jihad. For God's sake, people, late in the 19th century (!!!!) the forces of the Ottoman Empire were besieging the walls of Vienna, Austria, trying to forcibly convert Europe to the "joys" of Islam. From the 7th century A.D. onward Islam tired to intimidate, kill, and forcibly convert people.

Within the past few years, a Muslim man tried to convert to Christianity in Afghanistan. The "Islamic courts" there sentenced him to death, which is of course the standard practice (in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere) for dealing with someone who converts from Islam. Finally, the U.S. got Italy (!!!!) to accept the individual as a refugee. And that's our "ally," Afghanistan.

Does Obama know these things? Yeah, but he doesn't care. Why should he? After all, he "won the election."

Obama gave one slight nod today to the "rights of women." No one, not a single individual in the audience (which apparently was almost all male) applauded. These people are barbarians, and they are extremely dangerous. Yeah, Obama wanted to "build a bridge" . . . but it will turn out to be a Bridge to Nowhere.

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