Saturday, May 2, 2009

McCain, Specter Should Retire

A politically Independent friend from NH wrote me concerning her worries about the Democrats having "full control" of the U.S. government. I'm increasingly dissatisfied with people who call themselves "Independents." In a practical sense, they're little more than "enablers" for the far-left element -- the main one -- of the Democratic Party.

The sad thing, Kathy, is that the American people in general -- and New Hampshire in particular -- voted for full Democratic control of the White House, U.S. House, Senate, and judiciary. It won't be America.

NH's "Live free or die" slogan becomes "Hey, let's party!" If the Rev. Wright, Tony Reszko, and Bill Ayers didn't do in Obama, what will?

The age thing (I should talk!) is beginning to bother me greatly. McCain would be 74 in the 2010 election and 80 at the end of his term. Because of his POW experience and his health problems (cancer) John started to look increasingly weak and even confused as the campaign wore on.

I believe he should retire with some of his dignity still intact. Sarah seemed much stronger/tougher than her running mate. Apparently, he resented that fact.

In all sincerity, I found myself asking, "Why is John running for president?" I didn't like the answers that kept coming up.

His treatment of Sarah was/'is unmanly. He should be ashamed of himself, but I wonder if the man in his Washington life has ever felt shame?

Where is the courage and decency always associated with the name John McCain? I am seeing in his maltreatment of Sarah a lot of envy and animus. It isn't Sarah's fault her father and grandfather weren't admirals and she didn't get a free ride to the Naval Academy. It isn't her fault she didn't marry a fabulously wealthy person. To me, the John McCain of 2000 never reappeared in 2008.

Specter will be 80, going on 81 by the 2010 election and nearly 87 at the end of his term -- if the cancer doesn't recur. Robert Byrd goes around in adult diapers, drooling and crying, but hey, what a grand old man. Biden, a chronic liar and windbag, was elected to his sixth term. Teddy Kennedy, aged and riddled with brain cancer, still occasionally wanders around the Senate floor.

Citizen legislators? Yeah, sure, right.

The traditional New Hampshire Independents, and there's more than a boatload, may be a dying breed.

A lot of people who claim to be Independents are really waiting to cast their vote for the highest bidder which, surprise, always turns out to be the Democrat (barely outbidding the "moderate" Republican).

You may get a chance to see the last Republican ever elected to the Senate from NH -- Judd Gregg, a fine man, if he runs and if he wins.

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