Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conservabid: Fundrasing for Conservative Candidates

To win elections, conservatives must raise money . . . a lot of money. If we have good candidates -- even great candidates -- but they don't have the funds to get their messages across, then they will lose. Karen Allen, a political activist from NC has come up with a solution, "an eBay for conservatives" called Conservabid.com. Below you'll find Karen's description of the rationale behind Conservabid. Please visit it today, register, use the site, and tell your friends, family, and political allies about it. Working together, we can start taking back our country.


Conservatives selling for Conservatives...because the stakes are too high not to.America's financial state has seen better days. To right the situation requires putting those who "get it" in office...which requires money many of us don't have. It's a "between a rock and a hard place" situation.

ConservaBid provides another venue for individuals, families, and groups to raise needed funds...for themselves and the conservative causes they support.

Whether it is from your attic, something you made, or your group's branded items, there is surely something you can list on ConservaBid. The site operates like eBay, with the exception that there are free listing and storefront options, and you and your cause get the profits, instead of the machine behind the site.

Recent elections have left us little money, spent emotions, and dwindling time. We not only have to come up with serious loose change, we have to do it in a hurry and with lots of fervor to get the job done.

ConservaBid is a fun way to network with other Conservatives and give each other the boost we need...financially and politically.For more details, please visit our FAQs page.

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