Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Contrats Between Palin and Obama

Sarah Palin with the statue of George Washington, "the Father of Our Country." Might Sarah be on her way to becoming the "Mother of a Revewed America," one now being devastated by the mindless Marxism of Barack Hussein Obama. Sarah loves America. Barack? He likes it -- sort of.

I believe Sarah's slogan -- mantra, selling point -- should be "I'm ONE of YOU." Then, she needs to spell out exactly how that's true. (Barack Obama may be many things -- but being "one of us" isn't among them.

She's a working woman. She's the daughter of two educators. She's a feminist. She's a wife in a a terrific marriage. She's married to a union man and has been a union member herself. She's an athelete -- basketball, running, snow-machining, hunting and fishing -- and a gun-owner. She's the mother of an Army infantryman. She's the mother of a special needs child. She's the mother of a daughter who had a child out of wedlock. She's a Christian who tries to focus on practicing her faith rather than merely delivering lectures about it.

Also, she's a political leader who has bucked her own Party. She's an oil-state Governor who has taken on Big Oil . . . and won. She's one of America's leading advocates of renewable energy. She has been a major advocate of integrity in government and politics. She has helped ensure that her state has the lowest taxes on individuals of any state in the Union.

She will run for President on the grounds that she has much more in common with hundreds of millions of Americans than Barack Obama. If people compare the character and achievements of the two people, Sarah wins hands-down.

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