Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rage and Action: Tea Parties

As Jacquerie of WamToday ( said, "Rage without action is pointless." If the Obama Administration's massive bailouts and "Stimulus" payoffs to special interests enrage you -- as they should -- then you must act. About 5 p.m. (EDT) today (Wednesday), I'll have a list of actions you can take in regard to the Tea Parties that will occur in many American cities on April 15.

We can't allow the Tea Parties -- the Second American Revolution -- to be one-and-done events. They must be a beginning -- and not an end. As the old saying goes, "Don't just get mad; instead, get even.

Eleven Actions for Your Local "Tea Party"
1. Contact as many family, friends, and political allies as possible and ask them to go as a group to the local Tea Party – tell them exactly where and when it will be, and offer transportation if you can;
2. Promote the event widely by calling into talk radio, sending letters-to-the-editors of local papers, and notifying local political organizations;
3. Take a half-day’s vacation (if necessary) and ask that sympathetic co-workers do the same;
4. Invite local political and community leaders (although they shouldn’t dominate the event, which should be a true grassroots undertaking);
5. Dress up to make the event as festive as possible – perhaps an Uncle Sam (or Aunt Sam) outfit, or wearing a barrel, or donning a “Lady Liberty” hat;
6. Make up (several) handmade signs, which will capture the attention of the local media;
7. Bring your children if possible and have them carry age-appropriate signs (such as the one that said, “Keep your hands off my piggy bank”);
8. Have card tables and sign-up sheets where people can put their names, addresses, and e-mail addresses, so it will be easier to build crowds for future actions;
9. Enable people to sign up to support their favorite pro-Tea-Party candidates (e.g., Gov. Sarah Palin);
10. Make sure as many people as possible can speak at the event by keeping remarks short and to the point (two-three minutes maximum);
11. Acquaint the people with organizations they can join, such as:,,, and others.
Overall, make the tea party fun, productive, and the foundation for future actions.

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