Thursday, March 12, 2009

Online Survey Gives Obama "F"

MSNBC, also known as "the National Barack Channel," is conducting a survey where people get to give The Anointed One a letter grade. As for 2 p.m. ET on Thursday, 60% of the 212,000-plus people who had voted gave Obama either a D or an F. My friend Jacquerie of WAMToday ( sent me the following information.

Hi, Know you're great at spreading things around. Pass this on please:

MSNBC is conducting a poll of voters: What grade you would give the new President? To participate and see results go here:

Jacquerie's Comment: WND reported Obama at a 60% F score on March 11. His score has risen on March 12 to 27% A and 51% F.

Did he do something right yesterday of which we were not informed?

Steve's disclaimer: I gave the man an "F." Why? Because that was the lowest grade allowed. What about the people who are giving him an "A?" There's a persistent rumor that almost all of them are either descendants of Karl Marx or supporters of Hugo Chavez.

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