Wednesday, March 18, 2009

John Fund: America's Destruction

"The government, in a desperate attempt to avoid political pain caused by its own foolish economic mistakes and lax oversight, has poured billions into bankrupt companies. Then when those companies pass out bonuses they claim are necessary to retain qualified workers, the political firestorm leads government officials to propose tax rates that would make even British socialists of a half century ago blush."
"We are slipping into debates that have nothing to do with a free economy and everything to do with the government calibrating how to balance the favors it hands out with the inevitable moral outrage those favors engender."

-- John Fund, The Wall Street Journal

See the column below for a hard-hitting, unconventional perspective on the AIG Debacle. Whenever Obama's socialist policies began to receive public "blowback," he goes in search of another scapegoat. "The economy is collapsing? In that case, let's go after . . . Rush Limbaugh. "The people hate our economic policies? Hey, let's tie a can to AIG's tail." Don't be fooled, my friends.

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