Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama Lied, America Died

Specifically, Obama lied about being "post-partisan" -- he has the most partisan government in American history -- and about being "post-racial" -- he got 96% of the African-American vote in the November election. Those voters saw Obama not as a man but as nothing more than a "Black man."

He also lied about going "line-by-line" to eradicate unnecessary spending. His Stimulus bill contained more than 8,000 earmarks -- pet projects inserted by Representatives and Senators trying to buy votes with unnecessary handouts.

Moreover, he spoke falsely about his commitment to transparency, which he claimed would allow Americans four days to read proposed legislation. That didn't happen with the Stimulus Bill, the largest spending measure in our nation's history.

Yes, the America we all knew and loved has died --or, at least, "gone on life support." The America of freedom, tolerance/respect, and opportunity has now become unrecognizable. The U. S. House has turned into a lynch mob led by America's own version of Dickens' Madame De Farge. The Senate has become a collection of spineless people waving rubber stamps.

People have been asked me about my appearance on BBC Radio from London tomorrow (Sunday). It will be sometime between 1 p.m. (ET) and 1:30 p.m. The BBC has asked me to focus on Obama and the G20 Economic Summit meeting next week in London. Later today (Saturday), I'll put down (below) some of my thoughts on what I might say. (More to follow)

If you'd like to tune it, go to the following: Click on the "listen" button up in the right corner. Hope you tune in!

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