Saturday, November 22, 2008

David Letterman Hates Sarah Palin

The national effort to get the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stick its thumb in David Letterman's eye is a good one. As you'll see in the letter from Emily (of, below in italics), Letterman has taken to insulting Gov. Sarah Palin -- and the example Emily cites isn't the only one.

As a group, we aren't YET strong to "bring down" a David Letterman, but we're getting there. Our model should be the massive, effective criticism of leftists (and misogynists) Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman of MSNBC. We didn't get them fired, but we reduced their status -- and put the entire media on notice that blatant bias and propaganda aren't acceptable. We need to do the same for Letterman.

My intention is to spend several days writing (on my Sarah blog) about Letterman and a few other media simpletons who deserve condemnation. I hope other bloggers and onliners will do the same.

People like Letterman have done great damage to our country. They have nothing of value to say. They promote a culture of self-absorption, materialism, and human degradation. They're as ignorant as their "guests," nonentities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson.

The last time I watched an entire "Letterman Show" was in 2001, right after 9/11. His guest was Dan Rather. It was clear that neither man had any grasp of what had transpired at the WTC and the Pentagon, let alone the heroic actions of the Americans aboard Flight 93.

They had no understanding of the Middle East, the Islamic religion, or the al Qaeda terrorists . Both of them ended up blubbering, paddling around in a sea of self-pity. It was a disgraceful episode.

It's impossible to separate the decline of the American media -- would any sane person spend a significant amount of time watching CNN or reading the Washington Post? -- from the election of Barack H. Obama.

A nation nurtured by Letterman, Oprah, and (three-out-of-four) ladies of "The View" is likely to elect a demagogic windbag like Obama. A country that's dumbed down and desensitized can't resist a man who talks much -- and says little. Obama would be a perfect guest on Letterman: a gabby "celebrity" of limited accomplishments and insights.

The character and values represented by a Sarah Palin mystify most of the media. Since they essentially believe in nothing, they exist as little more than pampered, opinionated children. When they encounter an adult, a Sarah, they react with fear and loathing. She reminds them of their own shallowness and immaturity. Anyway, I hope you will write a short e-mail -- in your own words -- to the FCC [see below]. When it comes to Letterman, let them know that, in the words of Queen Victoria, "we are not amused."EMILY'S MESSAGE IS BELOW:

A message to all members of Team Sarah

Such hypocrites! Two nights ago, David Letterman, in interviewing Katie Couric, described Gov. Palin as "the first vice presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about."

It is ghastly that this kind of discourteous, indecent talk should pass for conversational fodder -- even on late night TV.

This violates CBS's own "Program Practices" specifically states that: "The Program Practices editors review material for excessive or gratuitous violence, sexuality, nudity and inappropriate language. They ensure that character portrayals are sensitive to current ethnic, religious, sexual and other significant social concerns."

A violation? What do *you* think? Well, don't just think it! Make your voice heard.

Email the Federal Communications Commission!

Email, tell them your name, where you are from, and EXACTLY how you feel about Letterman taking indecent liberties with a dignified lady, mom, and governor on his show!--

-- Enily


Rose said...

Kudos to your essay "David Letterman hates Sarah Palin"

Please expose EACH and ALL the other mainstream media bashers against Palin.

May I post your article in (please consider adding this blog among your links)

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Thanks Rose, post away. I will add your blog, which looks great. Are you a member of Also, is a good one.

Deo said...

You´re going to write about people who DESERVE CONDEMNATION, try to ¨bring them down¨. Bitter.
Comedians and satirists are often the voice of sanity in crazy times...these ARE CRAZY times when a person such as Palin is
running on a platform of conservative-family values.
Multi Taskin Sarah has high school drop out son (born 8 months after the Palin´s married and WAS NOT PREMATURE), Mrs. Palin has an unwed teenage daughter (about to marry another high school drop out, Levi Johnston), Mrs. Palin has a lovely little girl who just told Matt Lauer on national television that she MISSED A TON OF SCHOOL AND IT´S GETTING REAL HARD TO CATCH UP, Mrs. Palin also has a special needs infant that she uses like a PROP.
What ridiculous tripe you are peddling.
No one HATES Palin, but the thoughtful think this household in Babylon, Alaska is not the one to shine a light on.
Let´s pray Ms. Palin can keep her little 8 year old out of trouble until 2012. Maybe someone should work on THAT.
Apparanley the older kids haven´t mattered much to them.

Rose said...

Deo, you obviously have been brainwashed successfully by Letterman and company. The mainstream media will continue to crush Sarah Palin until -- every American like you -- will thrash her and her family. How much did Obama pay you to say all these?

Sarah Palin is the most God-fearing woman in American politics today. She has no monetary agenda and no hidden personal agenda like Clinton and Obama. Her children are all hers and with valid birth certificates while Obama is still hiding his "live birth certificate" -- and the ambassador of Kenya to the USA now says that Obama was born in Kenya, see in depth articles in

Sarah Palin is the most "normal" American woman with normal children whether they are pregnant at 19 or with Down Syndrome, Sarah and her husband Todd can raise them with success because of their faith of God -- because they know they are all God's children.

Hillary Clinton tried to lie as far as she could together with Bill Clinton about his adultery at the White House. Obama now will hide and lie as far as he can about his live birth certificate....and his book The Audacity of Hope was written by Ayers -- see in depth articles in

What, you'd rather be led by professional pathological liars or honest politicians like Sarah Palin.

David Lettermen and other mainstream media attack Sarah Palin and they HATE her because they are thrashing her with all the journalistic talents they can muster -- so as to serve the Almighty Dollar and the Obama socialist agenda controlled by the wealthiest individuals and corporations -- who own the TV networks who give them their pay checks.

Deo, you and your kind just want to party with comedians and satirists and listen to fancy orators and actors and actresses who cannot stand Sarah Palin and Godly people and therefore they attack her like pack of wolves...beware of getting drunk with lies.

Watch out on how you "measure" America's leaders today...created by mainstream media liars. Obama is a creation of the media (like Frankenstein was created by smart scientists). Christ said, “The truth shall set you free” but right now America is not free because it is not seeing and not hearing the truth from mainstream media liars…

Rose said...

Deo, your name is a pathological lie by itself because Deo means God in Latin and at the rate that you are talking against the Palins, you are a brainwashed victim of mainstream media liars and Christ said: The Devil is the father of lies...

Rose said...

Thanks Stephen, for the websites.

Please write more and expose EACH ONE of them, like "Stewart & Colbert Mock Sarah Palin VP Choice" I've lost all respect for these men.