Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama-Axelrod: Deceit, Information Grabs

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Dear Friends: Please read the following (in italics) from Janet of the ReadMyLipstickNetwork. "I expect all of you would check out a website before adding it as a link or making it part of your blogroll, and you may already be familiar with this one, however, just to be on the safe side wanted to let you know that redirects straight to a donation page for Obama / Biden. Someone just sent it to us wanting to join the network. Ha ha. We've also had one titled 'when pigs can fly palin' want to join..." -- Janet

The Obama Campaign does something people like Janet and I, as well as other Palin backers, will NEVER do: it participates in "information grabs," an especially sleazy practice.

What is an "information grab?" Let me give you an example: if you remember back to August, Axelrod/Obama announced that people who gave them their cell phone numbers would get an early heads-up on The Chosen One's vice-presidential choice.In fact, the text message about the Biden selection went out 3-4 hours AFTER the news announcement appeared on TV.

So, the people who provided the cell numbers got nothing of value. On the other hand, what did the Obama Campaign get? It received valuable information: more than 500,000 cell phone numbers. Thus, it was able to use those numbers to solicit donations and other forms of support. It was underhanded and cynical.

Sadly, it was helpful to a campaign willing to do anything to win the election. Axelrod/Obama had no interest in providing real information to its supporters. It had great interest in stealing their cell phone numbers.

Obama and his personal Svengali, the odious David Axelrod, will do any to undermine Gov. Palin, their most feared opponent. One of my favorite quotes -- a masterpiece of alliteration -- from early in the presidential campaign was a headline in the Black Conservatives Group, which read, "Democrats Desperate to Dig Up Dirt to Destroy Palin.' Famously, Obama dispatched 30 lawyers to Alaska to find out -- and to make up -- information harmful to the Governor.

What dirt did they find? Basically, they discovered none. Thus, it largely fell to Obama supporters, such as "Markos," the founder of Daily Kos, to invent preposterous stories aimed at harming the Governor.

One of those was the Kos story that Bristol Palin was the mother of baby Trig. Of course, it turned out that when Trig was born, Bristol was newly pregnant with her own unborn child, whose name will not be "Trig." In short, the Kos story was despicable, an outright lie.

Did the many lies hurt Gov. Palin? Sadly, they did. People are gullible. If they hear something on CNN or MSNBC, two of the main media culprits, the tendency is to believe it. I avoid such a temptation by never watching CNN or MSNBC.

"Information" from the Obama Campaign -- and, trust me, it continues -- is invariably false or misleading. With them, mendacity is a way of life. In their world, "spin" is reality. Thus, Obama and friends delight in grabbing information from unwitting individuals. However, they don't PROVIDE information -- factual, verifiable truths.

I've taken a few days off, but I'll be writing again on my main blogs, including this one and My emphasis will be on simple, practical steps Gov. Palin should take to build up support to defeat Obama in 2012.

If you've been watching Sarah Palin on TV recently, you may note that she's doing everything necessary to take such a step -- aside, perhaps from wearing a "Palin for President" button.Mainly because of his embrace of deceit, cynicism, and voter fraud, Obama is not going to be easy to beat. However, defeating him is not a hopeless task. In fact, if John McCain had received a million more votes in the right states he would now be President-elect.

There's no reason Sarah Palin couldn't get those million votes -- and then some. Remember, it's not necessary to win the popular vote, which skews in the favor of the Democratic candidate (mainly because he gets huge majorities in CA, NY, and IL). Prevailing in the electoral college is lot easier than winning a "paper" majority in the popular vote.

NOTE: I'd be very interested in your own thoughts on any of the subjects covered here, particularly steps you believe the Gov. should take. Thanks.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all! Let's continue to take the actions necessary to make Thanksgiving, 2012 the happiest one of all.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Steve, did you ever get my email last week? Palin was in Miami, where I live, and I tried to organize a rally, as well as attempting to obtain press credentials for the RGA, to no avail...

I think you might have posted a Morris article I sent you???

John Taylor of the Nixon Library had a great opinion piece as to which way Palin should go forward, I posted it on my blog:

Larry said...


I want to say some things about what Palin specifically and the Republican Party generally must urgently do. I plan to soon post what I believe is essential for The Republican Party.

As we have discussed, Republicans must and Palin should extend themselves to emgage minority populations beyond women, which is really a majority. It must be explained that what we believe are vital principles are not so just for certain interest groups, but for THEM and society as a whole. If she remains positive, she will appeal to women of course. But particularly coming from Alaska and walking into the headwind of a hostile media and many pundits, she has to be assertive about carrying her message to minority populations.

Secondly, as The Republican Party does, she does if she needs to lead them to do so, to utterly distance herself from and disparage any policy that amounts to industrial policy, from corporate welfare to bailours to special industry tax breaks or any sort of welfare. If it amounts to change of habit for any Congressional Republicans, then change of habit it should be. It must be history and it must be dispelle4d from the American consciousness.

Some might say, but that's our campaign funding base. Ironically, McCain-Feingold which I opposed and still do, put a major dent in that). But first of all, if businessmen can't support us based on fairness and lower taxes generally, we don't need them. But more importantly, in case anyone hasn't noticed, Democrats outraised Republicans by a long shot this time around. For one thing, many corporate interest smelled the wind and backed the Democrats. Its no good looking for government consideration when you backed the wrong party.

Anyway, there are a WHOLE lot more middle class voters, both Democrat and Republican. Democrats can't appeal solely to the poor: there aren't enough of them. That's why Obama promised a tax cut to everyone who earns under $150k, never mind that raises anyone's taxes affects who will be making what. But similarly, Republicans must speak to the middle class. Personally, I think Sarah or any Republican (I thought McCain should have) should study and take up the cause of The Fair Tax. That would be a huge investment surge from within and without the country and would open opportunity for EVERYONE.