Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Will Tear Down Constitution

A friend wrote that we need to give President-elect Obama "a chance." Below is my response.

Obama is what he has said and done, including his associations. He is not now some Platonic "President Obama" who is detached from such actions and relationships and thus worthy of our respect.

If I had been President Bush, I would not have invited Obama to the White House -- now or ever. They can talk over the phone.

Yes, Bush has his limitations (and they are many), but the hatred (right word) shown by Obama, Biden, Dean, Brazille, Pelosi, Reid, and other Democrats toward an elected President, Bush, has diminished the office of the presidency. It has made it nearly impossible for Obama -- or any future President -- to govern.

The same campaign of hatred was used against Gov. Sarah Palin, and its originators were David Axelrod, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and their media minions, including the Daily Kos and The Obama Democrats are a menace to any decent person who opposes their hate-mongering

That's why I would urge Kathy and any others inclined to "give President Obama a chance" to rethink their positions. He has no history of respecting "moderates" anymore than he has "conservatives." His record is one of Far-Left extremism. Why should we expect anything better in the future?

The Obama Administration shows every sign of doing great damage to what we've always thought of as "America."

On January 20, 2009, Barack H. Obama will swear to uphold the Constitution. Shortly after, he will begin tearing it down.

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