Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Obama Hates Sarah Palin

The Alaskans who know her love Sarah Palin. What is there not to like? Admittedly, Sarah H. Palin has almost nothing in common with Barack H. Obama, a slick-talking socialist who's been pampered ever since his teen years.

She's been a superb leader in a state mostly known for partisanship and reampant corruption. She talks the talk, and she walks the walk. I've said that people who don't like Sarah Palin (people like Letterman, Begala, Axelrod, and most Democrats) really don't like America. They don't like the kind of opportunity that's available to someone from modest origins. They don't like the fact she's a model wife and mother, mostly because they don't really believe women should be wives and mothers, apparently. They don't like her espousal of liberty, tolerance, and opportunity, because they believe in an America run by academic ideologues, like Dr. Zeke Emanuel. They don't like the fact that her son is in military, whereas their sons and daughters aren't. They hate the fact that she's an excellent athlete in a family of athletes. She's physically beautify, while they aren't. She makes them feel inferior, which they are.

Again, people who despise Sarah also despise America. It's that simple. Reportedly, Barack Obama is not a big fan of hers.

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