Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obama Destroying Black Income, Families

The bad news is that, for Blacks, especially poor ones, unemployment is rising while income is falling. But the banks and other companies Obama bailed out with hundreds of billions in taxpayer money are reporting "record profits" and paying big bonuses -- reportedly one hundred million to one energy "trader.' (The energy traders are those who help artificially jack up prices for gasoline and home heating oil.)

Of course, the banks, like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and others are the ones who "donated" all that money to the Obama Campaign. Barack Obama takes care of his "friends." He appreciates Black votes, but isn't about to do anything to earn them.

Might it be time yet to start rubbing the noses of yesterday's Obama supporters in such facts? Gee, the first mixed race president is presiding in the most precipitous drop in the standard of living -- and the quality of life -- for Black people. As Michelle Obama said (althuogh not in the way she meant it), "It's time for Black folks to wake up."

Oh, and Barack's and Michelle's combined income last year was $2.8 milion. Sasha and Malia go to a (mostly white) private school that costs $30,000 a year -- for each of them. At least one guy with some African ancestry is doing very, very well.

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