Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hillary Clinton Ready to Resign?

There are many hot rumors coming out of DC and NY that Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to resign as Secretary of State. Why?

Because Obama has reduced the woman to invisibility and irrelevance. He's accomplished much of the same with Bill Clinton, who hates being in the background.

Also, Obama is pursuing policies, especially with Iran and North Korea, that are downright dangerous, which Mrs. Clinton knows. It's no secret that, during the rebelliion in the streets of Tehran, the Secretary of State wanted the President to take a much harder line than he did.

Finally, Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell (neither of whom is as great he thinks) are fulfilling what should be primary obligations of a real Sec. of State. Holbrooke is in charge of the explosive situations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, while Mitchell essentially has responsibility for the Middle East. In addition, Obama sees himself as the chief foreign policy negotiator, which leaves Clinton usually looking for something of significance to do.

Mrs. Clinton has become mainly an administrator at State, her least-favorite role aside from office maintenance.

The irony is that John McCain would have named Clionton Sec. of State and given her real responsibilities. (I don't know what HRC's relationship is with U. N. Ambassdoar Susan Rice, an Obama loyalist who bashed Hillary during the campaign, but I would bet it's frigid at best.)


LaGringaSPS said...

Hillary Clinton should resign after her horrible failure and screw ups on foreign policy as of late...especially Honduras. She is incompetent and incapable of admitting that she was wrong.

G said...

Not likely, it looks like her hands are tied by Obomba's BS
and his soft approach and his incompetance as a COMMANDER in Chief. He's more like a figure head of charmin.