Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack Obama's Anti-Americanism

My friend Sharin wrote a powerful piece about the growing animosity -- even disgust -- toward Barack Hussein Obama. Sharin is Jewish and very much concerned that Obama is going to throw Israel under the bus, but her concerns go deeper than that. By the way, she used to be a Democrat.

Also today for the first time, Obama's approval index (those strongly approving vs those strongly disapproving) was minus 11 at Rasmussen. His rating will probably always be higher than it should be because the majority of blacks will never admit the truth.

I think Jews might -- some of them. Sadly, some will fit the square peg into the round hole though and figure it is okay for Israel to give away part of Jerusalem -- and it works to make nice nice with Iran.

Seniors are realizing what he wants to do to their health and medicare. People are starting to understand that he is not about anything he said. When he refused to take public funding, when he has changed his mind about lobbyists, people should have already known ( that as a junior senator Obama had already reached #2 on the entire contributions list after Chris Dodd from AIG, there has never been a president less transparent (maybe Nixon but not so sure).

The biggest hoax on America is that the people elected someone who really doesn't like America -- I honestly believe he really does hate America the way it is structured. He is an elitist who either doesn't know history or he wants to rewrite it in order to go with his socialist agenda. Change -- yes, he is for change -- change that scares the begeezus out of me.

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