Sunday, April 26, 2009

Defeating Obama in 2012 Election

There are practical political steps you can take to help ensure that your favorite candidates win elections. That's the essential message of Kathy Morrison's new book, An Independent Call. In the New Hampshire primary and the general election, Kathy influenced hundreds of vote (at least). She will show you how to gain similar leverage with voters.

Asking a retired US Army Sergeant to translate your anti-American slogans into English did not work out well for these Syrian protestors.

If Sarah Palin is to win the presidency in 2012, she must get strong support from the roughly 30% of American voters who regard themselves as "Independent." During the 2008 election, one of the most effective online Independents was Kathy Morrison of Epping, New Hampshire. She ended up as one of the most effective backers of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Now, as you see, she's published a book about her experience in the past election. Kathy is a "keeper," and I'd urge you to buy and read her book, which you can do at:

If you're a blogger or other online activist, Kathy has many valuable lessons to teach you. I hope you'll bring this book to the attention of your friends and fellow bloggers. Kathy is a member of

Here's the general description of the book: "An Independent Call chronicles the journey of an Independent New Hampshirite from wary observer of town hall meetings to eventual McCain supporter and volunteer. It is an amusing look at the events of a campaign. From meeting candidates from both sides of the aisle, to becoming a blogger for McCain, to being chewed out on campaign phone calls, to receiving press credentials for the Republican National Convention, this account relates the experience of being a participant at the lowest level politics from an outsider's perspective. A mix of good humor and political opinion from the middle."

Rockingham NH County Commissioner, Maureen Barrows, recommends An Independent Call stating that it is…"A must read for anyone interested in the day to day life of a volunteer in a political campaign...attention to detail is brilliant."

An Independent Call - $14.00

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