Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joe Biden: Liar, Liar, Liar

Joseph Biden, vice-president of the U.S., is as close as it comes to being a pathological liar. In that, he's an appropriate companion for Obama, who claimed falsely that, as an American soldier, one of his relatives "liberated Auschwitz." In fact, Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Union's Red Army.

As some of you know, I'm in contact with Pamela Hamill, whose father was the truck driver in the accident that cost the lives of Joe Biden's first wife and his daughter. As you may also know, Pamela has asserted -- correctly, verifiably -- that Biden's lies over the year have defamed her father and misled tens of millions of Americans about the circumstances of the accident. I'll be writing more about later this week.

Frankly, Joe Biden, vice-president of the United States, is a chronic liar. Or, as Karl Rove recently put it, Biden is "a lair and a blowhard." Currently, the vice-president is lying about a private meeting he supposedly had with George W. Bush, where the former Delaware Senator claims he criticized the then-President for lack of leadership. As Rove and others affirm, no such meeting ever took place. Biden made it up.

In the vice-presidential debate, Biden even lied about the Wilmington, Delaware restaurant where he supposedly met with the common folk of that city. In fact, said restaurant -- Katie's Diner -- had been closed for more than 15 years. Biden's contact with the common people of Wilmington was a fantasy.

At another point in the debate Biden scolded Gov. Palin, a supporter of the Iraq War, for ignoring the financial costs. He said that, every month, the struggle in Iraq was costing more than the entire war in Afghanistan. In fact, the Iraq War was costing $10 billion per month. The total cost of the war in Afghanistan had been $172 billion.

He also told a perplexed Gov. Palin that he hadn't really voted for the war in Iraq. That was an outright lie. In fact, at the time when the War Authorization was being debated, Biden had asserted that Saddam Hussein "must be eliminated."

But Biden's worst lies -- and he has a multitude of them throughout his career -- are the ones he told about the accident that killed his wife and daughter, which I'll write more about this weekend.

You may ask, "Gee, why aren't we hearing about Biden's lies in the MSM?" That's a very good question. The answer may be that the MSM is so in the tank to people like Obama and Biden that they have no interest in informing the public. Katie Couric repeated the Biden lies about the Hamills as recently as the last Demcoratic Convention. (More tomorrow)

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Jodi said...

Obama found in Biden a mirror image of himself - a pathological liar! Are we surprised? NOT!!