Friday, April 3, 2009

Democrats Vote AGAINST Obama's Transparency

The Democrats and Obama are not interested in keeping the President's campaign promises. Both Obama and Democratic Senators need to answer why there was a party-line vote against transparency, particularly since the bill is practically quoting the Obama presidential campaign.

Democrats Vote Against Transparency
All but three Senate Democrats voted against an amendment, “To increase transparency by requiring five days of public review of legislation before passage by the Senate.” This simply states that bills that are rushed through the Senate would have to garner 60 votes only if they had not been posted online for five days.

The irony of the Democrat’s opposition is this measure is taken directly from the Obama presidential campaign. President Obama promised more transparency in the government by posting bills online for citizens to review prior to a vote. Apparently, all Democratic Senators except Senators Bayh, Nelson, and McCaskill diagree with this increased transparency. This measure doesn’t exclude a majority vote on any bill; rather, it simply protects against slipping measures into a bill without an adequate review, to protect against situations like the AIG bonus fiasco. It would be interesting to hear individual Senator’s reasons for opposing transparency, and if the President is planning to stick to his campaign promise of putting bills online for review prior to a vote.

More information on the Cornyn Transparency Ammendment

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