Friday, February 20, 2009


In 20 American states there are movements underway to secede from Barack Obama's version of the Union. Wasn't he the one who was supposed to "bring us together?" The picture below are from the massive protest rally that greeted Barack Obama when he traveled to Mesa, Arizona.

Young many disappointed by the fact that Obama apparently is NOT the Messiah

A beach front condo would be nice and would certainly stimulate one American's economic status

One lady is requesting from Barack Obama a baby grand piano, while a gentleman would like a trip to Disneyland
Here's the message I received today from Laureen in Scranton, PA:

Hey is the video showing TWENTY STATES looking for Sovereignty ... wonder why we aren't hearing about this in the news? (Laureen )

My comment: About the movements in many states to secede from Obama's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" Union: Everyone needs to recognize that this is a government "of, by, and for the people." If the people want to opt out of Obama's America, they do in fact have that right. If the government is taking away people's rights and their "property" (including their money), it has lost its legitimacy.

We do not "belong" to the government. It does not own us. We are not subservient to it. Our rights derive not from government, but rather, as the Declaration of Independence tells us, from the Creator.
One of my PA allies, Judy Brown of Mt. Lebanon, PA, made that exact point face-to-face with Arlen Specter. Her exchange appeared last night on KDKA-TV.

On my blogs yesterday and today, I'm reprinting the protest signs that greeted Obama in Mesa, Arizona. The signs condemn Barack Obama's "Gimme" state. I obtained the photos through super-blogger Michelle Malkin and others.

Let's all start making signs! Let's acquaint Barack Obama with the real America.


Nothing Pithy said...

Please post a listing of states considering seceding from Nobama's America. I will be packing my bags as soon as I hear about the places in which FREEDOM still rings.

Leslie said...

I too would like to know which states are considering seceding. It's a serious question, because I've had ENOUGH! It's time to undo this "change."