Thursday, February 5, 2009

Palin, Obama: Symbols, Images, Themes

In my previous columns, I talked about the use of images, symbols, and themes in a presidential campaign. Pictures like the ones below tell us a great deal about candidates, more perhaps than we can express in words alone. Sarah Palin is the quintessence of everything we've historically regarded as American.

But what are we to think of Barack Obama, the man who spent 20 years in a church where the lunatic pastor spewed hostility toward white people and the U.S. government? Images and symbols are going to play a major role in the campaigns of 2010 and 2012. A particularly insightful blogger, Marnie Delano of N.Y. state ( , described today's Obama as "frail, frazzled, and feckless." Nobody ever used such terms to characterize Sarah Palin.

"Sarah Palin . . . She's One of Us." Obama? The "change" he's brought us seems to consist mainly of a bunch of Democrat influence peddlers who don't pay their taxes . . . and who have contempt for normal Americans.

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