Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Defeat Obama Week in America

I've discussed the need for us to use powerful images and symbols in the crusade to defeat Barack H. Obama. The image below is one of the most powerful I've ever seen. I hope Gov. Palin visits Israel soon to show her solidarity with the Jewish people.

"It's better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness." (Farther Keller of "The Christophers," in the 1960s and 1970s). In the face of the Obama juggernaut, some people may feel helpless. In fact, we're only helpless if we succumb to emotional and spiritual paralysis.

Much is going on in our nation -- and not all of it is bad (believe it or not). I'll be writing more about positive developments in the days and weeks ahead. We will defeat Obama, his congressional supporters, and their media minions by taking creative -- but relatively simple -- actions.

I'd like to ask you to do two things that can help turn out country in the right direction.

First, please go to Jim Tedisco's web page. He's the New York assemblyman running for the open seat in New York's 20th congressional district (Albany/Hudson Valley area). He's seeking the seat recently vacated by the woman (Kirsten Gillibrand) who took Hillary's old Senate seat.

This is a race Jim can win -- and must win if we're to start the long journey back to competitiveness in Congress. If you can make a small contribution to Jim's campaign (say, $10-$20), it will be much appreciated. (Tedisco led the fight against former Gov. Spitzer's bizarre plan to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens.)

Second, please participate in the 8:30 p.m. ET teleconference call held tomorrow (Thursday) by one of the best activist groups in the country: WAMToday (Wake Up America). The group is leading the fight against the Obama-Pelosi-Reid "plan" to bankrupt the country in an orgy of government spending.

To get the information necessary to participate in the call, click on the joinwam@wamtoday link below. "If not now, when? If not us, who?"

For anyone not yet signed in to WAKE UP AMERICA MOVEMENT:RSVP by reply EMAIL: to joinwam@wamtoday - for your confidential Call in Code. Include your name and state with your RSVP.

Information about WAM below:



Come to this special TeleEvent for CRITICAL new FACTS that have now come to light!Americans need to wake up fast from Mass Media misrepresentation of current and planned legislation. It is up to US to watchdog the new Administration, research the real facts and spread the Truth. Current chaos and confusion about what's really happening in Washington garbles facts with rumors. This Thursday's TeleEvent will sort out the real issues the Obama Regime doesn't want you to notice.

WAM TeleEvents offer free access to up-to-the-minute (and astonishing) facts on what's really happening on Capitol Hill and On the Air - along with networking strategies to INFORM the public and ACT on Washington. In our current crises - on multiple fronts - AMERICA can only rely on active engagement at a grass roots level to defeat Obama's agenda for "Change". MoveOn is now moving into fast forward to mislead and propagandize the public via ads, Mass Media and the internet.

YOUR HELP is needed to Wake Up America at this critical juncture. To GET INFORMED AND GET INVOLVED be part of this Thursday's Truth in Information WAM TeleEvent! TOGETHER WE CAN SHIFT the Balance of Power back to the American People where itBelongs!

Get on the inside track of what our "leadership" is up to - and get in on the ground floor of URGENT new ACTIONS to stem the tide of even more dangerous legislation! Please POST this INVITATION on your blogs, forums and forward to your email list.For any not yet signed in to WAKE UP AMERICA MOVEMENT:

RSVP by reply EMAIL: to joinwam@wamtoday - for your confidential Call in Code. Include your name and state with your RSVP.

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