Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joe Biden: A National Disgrace

Tomorrow, Sunday (Jan. 25), I'll continue the column on Joe Biden as a national disgrace. One reporter called the new Vice President "a human gaffe machine," and that's accurate.

Sometime ago, Biden was discussing the fast food and convenience store situation in his home state of Delaware. He commented, "You cannot go to the 7/11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent." Can you imagine the response if, say, Sarah Palin had made such an idiotic statement?

In the campaign, Biden once introduced his running mate as "the next President of the United States . . . Barack AMERICA." Is this a manifestation of some sort of brain disorder?

(Much more tomorrow. Hope you'll come back.)


pamela hamill said...

Steve, Please research Joe Biden's
false account of the 1972 accident that tragically took the lives of his first wife Neilia and baby daughter Amy.Vice President Biden says "A guy who drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch" killed them. This urband legend he has created has been accepted by the media as the truth. My father passed in 1999 and is not here to defend his honor.We have to be his voice and set the record straight.
We are certainly not trying to equate Biden's loss to our father's heartache but this untruth is a character assination.
Can you imagine if Sarah Palin was villifying an innocent man who cannot defend his honor? This is one gaffe the media is allowing him to get away with so far. I am currently speaking to CBS and Katie Couric about the false account she reported of "drunk driver killing his wife and daughter" at the Democratic National Convention and again at the Inauguration. I am waiting to hear back from them as well as our Vice President. For the full story google Inside Edition Pam Hamill
or Joe Biden Crash.
Pamela Hamill

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Pamela, I knew you existed and that Biden's story about the accident did not sit well with everyone. I will do the google search you suggested, but I'd also like to talk with you . . . and get your story out to some of our media friends. Send me your e-mail address. I'm at: I'll give you a call if that's okay. I'm writing a book about Sarah and one chapter is about Biden and the debate. I'm fascinated also by the Couric angle, as she's one of Obama's media minions.