Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barack Obama: Sowing Economic Disaster

The problem is that the Democrats look at most of the public as helpless babies, waiting for Big-Mama-Government to feed and "take care of" them. Of course, the liberals love to foster this notion, because the more people become dependent, the more they rely completely on "the government" (i.e., those of us who pay taxes) to take care of them.

Thus, we give big "tax cuts" to people who pay no income tax. If you provide men and women with "tax cuts" when they're not federal taxpayers, you're taking resources from the productive -- the working, wealth-generating, job-creating people -- and giving them to the unproductive. When you reward people for merely being alive, you provide powerful incentives for an increasing number of individuals to contribute nothing to society. They take much; they give back little or nothing.

In exchange, we give away our rights to a vigorous economy and a free society. As Dick Morris recently said, our country turns from a dynamic USA into a lassitudinous, slow-growth France.

This is a "speech" that Barack Obama could give -- and should give -- but won't. Thus, he and his allies commit one immoral act after another, giving money to the current generation and sending huge bills to future generations. That doesn't produce economic recovery. It produces short-term and long-term economic disaster.

Obama is really a slicker -- and more discreet -- form of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whom Obama supporting in "Blago's" runs for Illinois governor. Clearly, Obama believes in "pay for play" politics. In the past, those who rewarded Senator Obama with campaign contributions got big paybacks in the form of earmarks and legislation.

It's "Chicago politics," the only kind Obama knows. So, the stimulus package is loaded with goodies for the unions and other groups that contributed to -- and voted for -- Barack Obama. Is the original "Mayor Daley" up in heaven (or somewhere?) smiling?

If the current President's agenda represents change, it's the kind Blagojevich and Obama have always stood for: pay off your supporters and punish your opponents.

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