Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel, Palestine: Winning PR Battle

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Sarah Palin in her office with Israeli flag on the window (circled in red)

A member of sent out a message today about a CNN Poll that showed twice as many Americans supported the Palestinians as did the Isrealis. My response:

Israel has not done a good job on the public relations front, and those of us in the Sarah Palin camp can learn from this situation. Hamas, a thoroughly disgusting and murderous outfit, is better at propaganda. With Israel and with Gov. Palin truth -- reality -- will not get any help from the media, which handles ideas poorly and relies excessively on images, which can be profoundly misleading

With Israel and Palin, we need to have many voices -- and not the Tower of Babel -- expressing a simple, coherent message. E.g., "Hamas has fired 6,000 rockets and terrofized, killed, and injured peace-loving Isaeli citizens. They must be stopped at all costs. Americans would feel no differently if rockets were descending on our towns and cities. By firing rockets from populated areas Hamas has declared that its people, especially women and children, are expensable."

The message must be repeated continually -- and by various people. The same approach is necessary with the ongoing smear campaign against Sarah Palin. People who make the smears, against a country or a candidate, must be identified and excoriated

Note: I spent 30 years in public relations for some of America's most controversial industries. Winning the PR battle takes tremendous energy and laser-life focus. Wars and national political campaigns are not won through timidity. Confront your foes directly and throw them off stride. Always keep them on the defensive. Use every means at your disposal, including media interviews, blogs, e-mail messages, and talk radio.

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