Sunday, May 4, 2008

McCain: Time to Strike Back

Thanks to the many visitors today from "overseas," including Mexico, Egypt, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Scotland, Spain, Israel, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. I hope you keep returning. You're always welcome here.

Okay, I'm supposed to be the guy that's good at predictions -- ever since I hit the PA Primary just about right. Indiana: Clinton 54% - Obama 46%. North Carolina: Obama 52% - Clinton 48%. I would not be amazed if Hillary won both. This week I'll post more pictures of the "rock," the one you see below.

Ray "Bubba" Sorensen and the magnificent "Rock of American Ages" that he painted. More about Bubba and more pictures of the rock in future columns. Please pass them on to friends and fellow McCain supporters. My dear friend Rhodann Elliott of Corpus Christi, Texas, sent me this picture and several others. I told Rhodann, a fellow flag-waver and with a son-in-law in Iraq, that individuals like Barack and Michelle cannot understand what America and the flag mean to people like us. As a poet said in another context, "It means not less than everything." As you see on the rock, "All give some, some give all."


Note: On my Pennsylvania for John McCain blog today (Monday) I have a list of "100 Ways to Help John McCain Get Elected." It deals with practical steps you can take to help your favorite candidate. The list can be adapted to apply to ther candidates. I urge you to take a look at it (by clicking on the word "blog" above.) Thanks!

I heard Sunday on CBS that their new national poll shows McCain significantly behind Clinton and Obama. I know: polls are not written in stone but rather in the wind, but the CBS revelation sounded like a chill breeze to me.

There are several reasons Sen. McCain might have hit a bump in the road, including the fact the Democratic candidates get about 10 times as much media coverage as our favorite Senator from Arizona. Basically, CNN, MSNBC, and even (sob!) FOX run 24/7 commercials for Hillary and Barack. Would anybody expect a discouraging word from Candy Crowley or Suzanne Malveaux, who serve basically as cheerleaders for Obama?

But Senator McCain bears some of the blame. He's much too nice to Senator Clinton and, especially, Senator Obama. On Chris Mathews show, he said Obama's "bitter" comment was elitist, but he didn't think the Senator himself was "an elitist." Good grief! It's like someone refusing to say Donald Trump has more than his share of "bad hair days."..

Let's see: Obama said we small town Pennsylvanians (of which I'm one) are "clinging" to our religion, guns, racism, and xenophobia. Elitist? It goes far beyond that. It's despicable . . . reprehensible. Also, since Obama was referring exclusively to "white folks" (I'm also one of THEM), it had a strong racist tinge.

Obama a racist? Well, yeah. After all, he's the guy who called his grandmother (from all evidence a saint) "a typical white person." In his famous Philadelphia speech on "race" (of which no one can remember a single word), he compared grandma to Rev. Wright -- and not favorably.

Obama not an elitist? Please, John. When he says he "respects Senator McCain for his service to the country," the Illinois Senator has to choke the words out. Nothing in Obama's background suggests he understands -- or respects -- people who commit their lives to serving their country. In his days at an exclusive Hawaiian prep school, at Columbia, and at "Hahvad Law School," I dont think he ran into a lot of military types. The notion of Obama actually in the military is something like imagining Rosie O'Donnell as Miss America.

We've seen the new Democrat National Committee ad that shows how much they "respect" McCain. It portrays him as guy who presumably would like to continue the Iraq War for "100" years. Their other ad shows McCain as a guy who thinks a lousy economy is just peachy. Trust me, come next October Barack Obama will be saying basically the same thing. I predicted awhile back that would be calling McCain a "warmonger." About a day after my prediction, they did just that.

Since Obama receives most of his mega-millions from Moveon, perhaps he'll tell them to desist? Fat chance. Pigs will qualify as Rockettes before that happens.I do not believe Barack Obama is a good man. I would have to see some evidence.

In fact, I believe he's a taller, more polished, more calculating version of his "spiritual advisor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Chucking Obama under the chin when he makes outrageous and false statements only encourages him.

Frankly, when it comes to the Democrats' frontrunner, it's time for McCain's famous temper to make a reappearance. For instance, when Obama makes "elitist" (and worse) comments, the moment has arrived for some straight talk about the nature and character of the man.

Obama is the guy who sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years. So, I'm sure that hearing some strong language from McCain will not cause him to dry up and blow away. More's the pity. Fire when ready, Senator McCain.

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